Paleo Cafe: ‘Healthy’ Dessert

paleo cafe dessert

Location: Paleo Cafe Brisbane CBD

Meal: Dessert

Pricing: $8 – $15 (Desserts)

Overall Experience: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Food: 9/10


Paleo Cafe is one of the places we frequently visit. The food is always amazing and not to forget extremely good for you too. On this particular visit we ordered the Paleo Sticky Date Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream on the side. The picture says it all, It was amazing. For a dessert without any additional sweeteners (only maple syrup/honey and dates), the  taste of this paleo dessert would stand triumphant in front of the real thing. The ice cream was light and coconut flavored and mellowed the pallet  from the intensely sweet maple syrup. The best part of this whole dessert was that, even though it looks deceptively naughty, the actual ingredients were angelic.

The only feedback I can possibly think of, is perhaps serve smaller portions as the dessert is very sweet and filling.

Gluten Free Options: ♥

Dairy Free Options: ♥

Sugar Free Options: ♥

Organic Options: ♥

Paleo: ♥


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