The Burrow (West End)- Weekend Breakfast

the burrow west end


Location: The Burrow West End

Meal: Breakfast

Pricing : $6 – $22

Overall Experience: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Food: 8/10


The Burrow boasts its’ own form of uniqueness. Like the name itself, the menu has a sense of familiarity yet creativeness with listings  such as ” Mary HAD A Little Lamb” and John and Yoko’s Breakfast in Bed’, whatever tickles your fancy, there is something for everyone. It is important to note that the borrow offers a differed menu on weekdays to that of their weekend menu. I decided to pay them a visit on a Sunday morning, not knowing how busy it gets in there. For anyone looking to have breakfast here on a weekend, I would suggest going in a bit early, as by the time we left at around 10:30 there was a line up outside the door (yes, a line-up for breakfast).

As for the food, I ordered the ‘Mary HAD A Little Lamb’ which was made up of Tasmanian grass fed lamb cutlets, rocket, hazelnut, feta, potatoes and lemon parsley eggs. For me personally, this served up a treat as I love a solid protein for breakfast and I try an avoid bread based foods. The second plate ordered was ‘The Bacon Enter’ which is your basic bacon, free range eggs & bread; an extra side of avocado was also added.

If  you are a person who loves to eat and run (even on the weekend) this probably not the best spot for you. Given that they were so busy, it took a solid 20 minutes before we received our food. But once it was in front of us, it was amazing. The Lamb was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the feta cheese perfectly brought the entire dish together. As a matter of fact I wish I had more lamb on the plate. For the $19 that I paid for this plate, it was worth every cent.

The Bacon Enter was reasonably priced at $14 (extremely cheap for breakfast). This was probably one of the first places in Brisbane that agreed to provide one egg fried and one egg poached on the same plate (yes variation is necessary when you a person who gets bored easily). This requirement was met with no rejection at all. May I add that the eggs were perfectly poached too.

Definitely one of my top recommendations for breakfast!


Gluten Free Options:  ♥

Dairy Free Options: ♥

Gluten Free Options: ♥

Organic Options: ♥

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