Paleo Cafe: Paddington


paleo cafe

Location: Paleo Cafe, Paddington

Meal: Lunch

Pricing: $15- $30

Overall Experience: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Food: 8/10


As mentioned in our previous posts, Paleo Cafe is usually our safe option. There is always healthy food at a reasonable price and the food is always satisfactory. We usually frequent the CBD Cafe as it en route to and from work. On this particular occasion, we decided to try the Paddington Cafe to see if it differs. We were lucky enough to arrive just as breakfast service was over but right before lunch, as after this the place was filled with mums. The staff were really friendly and welcoming, a lot more so than the CBD Cafe.

We had to wait a fair while before we got our meal which was  a major let down. It left us gazing around the room, which can be quite awkward. I ordered a Pistachio and Coconut Crusted Fish with Capsicum Chutney. I must say, my meal was amazing. I ate the entire meal without taking a break. The portion size was just right and the capsicum chutney broke away from the dryness of the pistachio and coconut crust. The fish fell apart with ease! Perfect!

I would definitely recommend checking out the Paddington Paleo Cafe, however if you are looking for food on the go, I would strongly avoid busy periods.

Gluten Free Options: ♥

Dairy Free Options: ♥

Sugar Free Options:♥

Organic: ♥

Paleo: ♥

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