Juan More Taco

juan more taco

Location: Food Truck (Varied)

Meal: Lunch

Pricing: $6 -$12

Overall Experience: 7/10

Service : 8/10

Food: 7/10


If you are anything like me, preparing meals for lunch at work is an absolute drag! I usually opt for an easy option of roast chicken with veg every day. If you are looking to break the cycle, and would love a flavoursome yet inexpensive meal at your workplace, why not call the Juan More Taco Truck to your work?

One thing I loved was that I had to wait less than 5 minutes to receive my food, which is important when you only get a 30 minute lunch break and you are crunched for time. I got 2 tacos for $10 and their amazing drink for only $4. The addition of feta cheese to the taco (quite different to traditional tacos) was a great addition to the mix. There are a range of sauces available if you wish to spice up your meal or add some extra zing. Overall a lovely experience and a great concept!


Gluten Free: ♥

Dairy Free: ♥

Sugar Free: ♥



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