Noosa Chocolate Factory


Noosa Chocolate Factory 2

Location: Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD

Meal: Coffee/Snacks

Pricing: $3.50 – $50

Overall Experience: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10


If you are anything like me, and have a sweet tooth that gets you in trouble, Noosa Chocolate Factory is the place for you. Set up in an Alley Way style shop on Adelaide Street, the store offers coffees, hot chocolate and an amazing selection of chocolaty treats. My favorites would have to be the 73 % Dark Cacao Chocolate  Range. That way you can curb the urge for chocolate without all the  nasties that are found in  most commercial chocolates. The Noosa Chocolate Factory also uses local produce, like the Bowen Mangoes, Victorian Strawberries and Kingaroy Cocoa. Their Dark Chocolate Range is also 100% Vegan and they do have gluten free options.

In terms of coffee’s, Noosa Chocolate Factory is one of the few places in Brisbane CBD that has an Almond Milk Option. It makes a perfect opportunity to indulge in an Almond Milk Hot Chocolate with 73% Dark Cacao…Yumm. The service is always spot on, however, I would avoid going there in the morning as the queue is quite long!


Gluten Free: ♥

Dairy Free: ♥

Vegan: ♥

Organic: ♥


Noosa Chocolate Factory 3Noosa chocolate factory 1


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