Paleo/Raw Desserts in Brisbane

We all love rich, indulgent desserts! Raw/Paleo Desserts are the perfect way to treat yourself without any added on guilt. We have compiled a list of our favourite “healthy dessert” spots in Brisbane.


  1. Orawgi (Gabba)

Desserts from Orawgi are by far the best in Brisbane. The taste of their raw desserts is in no way compromised by the “healthy” factor. They are decadent, and indulgent. I would definitely recommend Orawgi for people who have never tried Raw desserts before as it is the closet alternative to the real thing. 10/10 from me! Would go back everyday if I could.


  2. Paleo Cafe (Paddington)

Not all of the desserts at Paleo Cafe are Raw, however they are still alot healthier than most desserts. I would recommend trying out options on their Specials menu for more variety.  I would give Paleo Cafe a 10/10 for desserts. Most people go there primarily for their main meals, but definitely leave room for some sweet treats!

paleo cafe dessert

  3. Sol Bread (West End)

Sol Bread is definitely high up on my list for Raw Desserts. The presentation was amazing and the dessert equally tasted great. I particularly enjoy the texture of their Raw Tart!

sol bread

4.Bang Bang Lulu Organics (@bangbangluluorganic)

Bang Bang is not commonly heard of, nonetheless, their desserts are amazing. The first time I tried their raw desserts was at the Food Truck Phonomenon. You can find them at The Wondering Cooks in South Brisbane. Their Raw Chocolate Mousse Tart was decadent and delightful. Every bite left me wanting more. The image says it all!

bang bang

5. Healthy Humans Mobile (The Training Spot, Albion)

Brisbane new comer, Healthy Humans has started up the wonderful concept, a food truck that makes Raw/Vegan food. I was fortunate enough to try their Raw Mixed Berry & Coconut Cheesecake on the first day of their opening. The taste of the tart was lovely, a little too sweet though. The texture was a bit too soft for my liking. For their first day in operation it was quite impressive. Can’t wait to try more of their creations.


    6. Coco Bliss

For me personally, the raw desserts at Coco Bliss did not quite meet the hype. However the texture was quite lovely. The taste was difficult to distinguish. We tried out the Sticky Caramel and Lemon Meringue Cakes.

coco bliss

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