Kiss The Berry | South Bank Store

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Location : South Bank (Grey St)
Meal : Breakfast
Pricing : $6 – $15
Food: 10/10
Service : 10/10

Kiss The Berry owners, Sarah & Keziah have come along way since their humble beginning at the market stalls. Their 2nd store in South Bank (Grey St, next to the ABC Building) opened up last month in a prime location along South Bank Parklands.

Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to try out some of their amazing Acai Bowls. Unlike, the Creek St Store, the South Bank location boasts ample seating space which makes it perfect for after gym and breakfast get togethers; or if you prefer you can have your acai bowl to go and sit amongst nature in the park.

Over the past year we have both stuck with our choice of ordering the Snickers Bowl from KTB; So it was a refreshing change, trying something a little different. We tried out their Blueberry Tango Bowl & The Watermelon Split, which are both ideal for this warmer weather.

The Blueberry Tango is made from a blend of Acai, Blueberries, Mango & Strawberry; and is topped with home-made granola coconut, mango & blueberries. Delicious right!!! This was my favourite out of the two.
The Watermelon Split, is very refreshing in this heat and is made with a blend of Acai, Banana, Spring-water; topped with Co Yo & Chia Seeds.

We have tried a fair few places serving up acai bowls over the year and KTB is definitely our favourite!

Gluten Free ♥

Dairy Free ♥

Sugar Free ♥

Paleo ♥

Vegan ♥

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