Needa Bean Cafe

Location : Manly Road, Tingalpa

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee

Pricing : $3 – $25

DFood : 10/10

Service : 10/10

Precision Fitness owner, David Georgiou, has combined his love for a healthy lifestyle and food resulting in the opening of Needa Bean Cafe. The humble cafe is located right next to the gym, making it the perfect stop-over for a post workout treat. For all the coffee lovers out there, Needa Bean is one of the only cafes in the area serving Campos Coffee. They have also paired up with Paris Strauss from My Plate Clean Treats to deliver an array of raw treats. For me personally, My Plate’s healthy treats are the best I have tasted to date. I was lucky enough to sample the raw snickers, bounty & cherry ripe treats which were whole in flavour (unlike most commercial raw treats that are out on the market).

They have also teamed up with Maryanne from Holistic Hospitality to bring a savoury component to the menu. Holistic Hospitality delivers delicious, wholesome food whilst maintaining specific dietary requirements.

sweet potato frittatas thai rice paper rolls vegan berrybreakfast bars raw treats raw treats lcherry ripe bounty and snickers

From left to right: The amazing Sweet Potato and Bacon Frittata  (Holistic Hospitality) & the Thai Rice Paper Rolls. Both are ideal Gluten Free lunch options. The Vegan Berry Breakfast Bars, Cherry Ripe, Bounty & Snickers bars by My Plate Clean Treats are a perfect way to indulge without feeling guilty.

Gluten Free ♥

Dairy Free ♥

Refined Sugar Free ♥

Organic ♥

Paleo ♥

Raw ♥

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