Harajuku Gyoza opens their new store in South Bank

Location: South Bank

Meal: Dinner

Pricing: $5-25

Food: 8/10

Service : 10/10

Harajuku Gyoza has opened up at their newest store in South Bank. We were lucky enough to try out their amazing menu and hospitable service.

When I think of Harajuku Gyoza all I picture is dumplings and beer; so we decided to be a bit adventurous and trial out the other options on the menu. I must say, I am so glad we did, I was pleasantly surprised.

First up we tried out the Tenpura Eggplant, which was a very different choice for me. Being a carnivore at heart I usually choose meat dishes, but this was my absolute favorite. The eggplant was buttery and had this amazing sauce that left me wanting more.

Next up we had the Pork Belly Kakuni. The only way to describe this dish, is heaven on a plate. Perfect, soft, glutinous pork belly with a thick sauce. It worked an absolute treat. I will definitely be re-ordering this dish.

I have had the Tebasaki Wings at a previous visit to Harajuku Gyoza and I remember them being amazing, so i decided retry them. Not sure how they do it, but the outside was so lovely and crispy yet the inside was moist and retained the sauce. Can you tell that, I am absolutely obsessed with their menu?

Last but not least the Gyoza!! Can’t forget the gyoza. In simple terms, little bundles of goodness that put a smile on my face.

All in all, the menu was delightful and I loved the entire concept of share plates that are reasonably priced.

For two of us, ordering 3 small dishes, 2 lots of gyoza, 2 desserts and 3 Kirin’s (beer) our bill came to a total of $80. Not bad if you ask me.

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Gluten Free <3

Dairy Free <3

Sugar Free <3

Vegetarian <3

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