Cherry Blossom Festival | Omakase Dinner | Sake Restaurant

Location: Sake Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier

Cost: $99

Meal: Dinner

Overall Experience: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Throughout the month of September, Sake Restaurant will be offering a Chef Daisuke’s Omakase Dinner. Priced at $99, this 6 course meal is only revealed as each course is served. The main event for the Omakase Dinner will be hosted on the 17th of September. Book all tickets here.

Some of the options on offer include:

Kingfish Jalapeno 

Thinly sliced kingfish in yuzu soy sauce with jalapenos and coriander. This dish is absolutely delicious, probably one of favourite dishes of all time.

sake 1

Darling Downs Wagyu Tartare 

Wagyu Tartare with fried egg puree, sweet potato chips and nori crips. One of the most memorable dishes I have ever had.

sake 2

Japanese Eggplant 

Eggplant served with niku chicken miso. This dish was pure heaven, Nothing beats creamy, buttery eggplant! Yum!


Salt & Pepper Bugtails 

sake 3

Grainfed Wagyu Teriyaki 

Medium rare wagyu served with sauteed shiitake, buckwheat and yakiniku sauce.


Overall for a dinner service priced at $99, the food was exceptional and of great value.

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