Ole Fuego | Tapas Sociales

Location: Indooroopilly Shopping Centre 

Meal : Tapas

Day: Sunday to Wednesday

Price: $49

Offer: Includes 4 Tapas and 2 Glasses of Sangria

Grab a friend and head over to Ole and try out their Tapas Sociales for only $49. This includes 4 Tapas items and 2 glasses of Sangria. If you are anything like me, you probably think that there is no way 4 tapas plates will be substantial enough for two of you; but rest assured, Ole’s serving sizes are extremely generous.

We were lucky enough to try out their delicious Spanish menu over a few glasses of Sangria, enjoying a Spring afternoon. Our tapas selection was as follows:

Patatas Bravas

Delicious spiced potatoes served with red pepper alioli. Yes, they are just potatoes you may say to yourself, no… these are not just any potatoes, they were the best spicy bits of goodness I have had in a while. They are perfect to share between two, as they are very filling.


Alitas de pollo adobadas – 

Okay, the name is far too long for me to remember, in simple terms, these were char-grilled chicken wings. Really good ones too. They were full of flavour, but still juicy on the inside. The serving size was very generous for a tapas dish.



Bite, sized goodness! Pork sliders with pear chutney and alioli. These were absolutely delicious, the pear chutney worked a treat with the pork. Best combination.


Estofado – 

The Estofado was one of my absolute favourites. Braised lamb neck served with lentils, caramelised onions and spinach as well as sourdough. The lamb was tender and melted in my mouth. The dish as a whole, worked well. One of the more wholesome options on the tapas menu.


Check out their full menu here 

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