NKB Express

Location: Indooroopilly

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Cost: $7 – $12

Overall Experience : 9/10

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10


Nantucket’s little sister, NKB Express, is a retro-chic cafe with a 1940’s vibe. With an entire menu priced under $15, it is not hard to see why this little treasure is a local favourite. The menu is features simple, American inspired dishes done well.

Here are some of the dishes we had the pleasure of trying out:

Caramel Shake


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Simple and elegant but packs a punch. The caramel shake is a classic and will only set you back a reasonable $7.  If you ask me, that is not a bad price to play for a slice of heaven.


NKB-6141 NKB-6147NKB-6227

The Greenwich, with Organic Chicken Breast, with Corn, Avocado Salsa, Chipotle Mayo and Cos lettuce. A popular option on the menu, this baby will only set you back $12. Or if you prefer a lighter option, order the Greenwich Jnr, served with a juice box. NKB is all about sourcing locally, they try and purchase from local markets where possible and use organic, grass fed meat. Given the price and taste, I think they have a good thing going for them. I opted to pair my main with a side of Onion Rings ($5.0).


Without the added bacon (yes, we had to add bacon to this, would not be normal if we didn’t), this would make for the ultimate vegetarian feast. The Soho, a delicious Chickpea Patty with Spanish Onion, Grilled Zucchini, Soft Feta and Tomato Relish. My mouth is watering as I type this. For all the health nuts out there, opt for a gluten free bun and Bob’s ya uncle. All of their burgers are priced at $12. I opted to pair this with Sweet Potato Fries.


Coney Island Waffles, the perfect way to end your meal (If you have space that is, and ain’t all about them gains). Fluffy, light waffles served with house made Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream, Hershey’s and Sprinkles. Something about this dish, makes me want to step back into a 90’s diner, must be the Hershey’s and Sprinkles. It is sure to work a treat with the little ones. Much like their burgers, the waffles are also $12.



View their full menu here.

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*Photography by Emotive Light 

xx Aliyah Ravat

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