The restaurant that stole my heart | LONgTIME

Location: 610 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

Meal: Dinner

Price: $3.50 – $50

Overall Experience: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/0


No I did not make a typo, It is written out as LONgTIME. A restaurant with so much character; nestled in an obscure lane way off China Town Mall, LONgTIME is a haven with Modern Thai Cuisine and homely service. I fell in love with the uniqueness of the place. Hidden away from the crowds, with a warm yet rustic feel; this is probably one that I would add to my Date Night lists.


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Now to the most important part, the food. I would like to make special mention to the staff who continuously checked up on us and made sure our food was served in less than 20 minutes from ordering. Quite impressive considering the venue was packed.

Red Curry of shredded Bbq Duck with Lychee and Thai Basil

The best curry I have ever had (and I am ethnic, so I have grown up eating curries)! The flavours were bold and aromatic and worked well at complimenting the perfectly cooked duck. The duck skin was amazingly crispy and added an element of texture that worked a treat. Yes, it was a very spicy dish and I may have had to drink my cocktail in a single mouth-full, but it was the kind of heat that left me wanting more. Even though I broke out in a sweat, I made sure the entire dish was licked clean. Served with a bed of rice, this dish is only $31 and was sufficient to share between 2. I am converted! LONgTIME is my new go to place for curries, bet my mum won’t be too happy about that!


For the first time ever, both Charlotte and myself saved space so we could order a dessert each. A decision that I am glad I made, cos their desserts are too good to share.

Aero Chocolate, Passionfruit Cream, Smoked Chocolate Sauce, Dehydrated Raspberries, Lemon Custard Gelato

Packing a punch of a flavour with an extreme hit from the passionfruit cream and lemon custard, this dessert sent my taste buds into party mode. So many different flavours, each pungent on their own but marrying perfectly when brought together. The aero chocolate would have to be my favourite element on the dish, It surpassed my expectations (It was even better than bought Aero, oh yes it was).


Espresso Pannacotta, Condensed Milk and Coconut Tapioca with Salted Peanut Caramel

Gorgeous, silky panacatto with a little surprise of tapioca at the bottom of my serving. I loved it. It was creamy, but light; the perfect dessert to order on a date. The salted peanut caramel that was placed at the top was a little too sweet for my liking but nonetheless worked well at complimenting the overall dessert. I would recommend pacing yourself at dinner and leaving room for their incredible desserts, all priced under $20.


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Author: Aliyah Ravat

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