El Khabia Spices | Now available in Australia

The flavours of food, an unspoken language that tells a story of time; It takes us on a journey to countries we have never been to. El Khabia, a taste of authentic North African spices originating from the colourful lands of Tunisia. Unlike other brands, their spice range is 100% natural and can be used in both traditional and modern dishes.


Their range includes:

Ras el Hanout ($4.99) 

The best spice, a merchant can offer; a must have aromatic spice that is an essential in every kitchen. It has accents of cinnamon, which has some great health benefits and can be used as a marinate or a sprinkle.

Chicken Tagine Spice Mix ($4.99)

If chicken is your main protein, then this is the spice for you. A blend of ginger, pepper, tumeric, rosemary, thyme & salt. Turning your everyday chicken into a whirlwind of flavour

Fish Spice ($4.99)

Transform your humble fish dish into something amazing; if you prefer a more enhanced flavour, marinate your protein over night or simply use it is a seasoning. With fennel, pepper, salt and cumin seeds it will add flavour without over powering the dish.

Kofta Spice Mix ($4.99)

An essential spice that an be found in every Middle-Eastern/North African household. Koftas are usually made from beef or lamb and cooked on an open fire but the spice itself can be used in everything from shish to burger patties and everything in between.

Moroccan BBQ Spice Mix ($4.99)

Perfect for roast chickens, and vegetables the unique zesty spice will take your taste buds on a trip to Morocco.

The El Khabia range can be purchased at Woolworth’s Supermarkets in Australia


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