Sunnybank’s first venue serving Craft Beers & Cocktails | Southside Bistro

Location: Sunnybank

At least, 60% of our feed on Instagram is made up of food from Sunnybank, and you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a resident of the area, I am proud to rep my hood; cheap Asian eats, misspelled menus, dodgy parking, rice burner cars, the whole thing. But Sunnybank is changing, and if you ask me, over the next 6 months it will transform into a foodie destination.

South Side Bistro has opened up in the Bank with a different approach to things. Firstly the menu is out of this world amazing, with offerings like escargot, a sizzling brownie (and hell it sizzles), bao pork belly burgers and a deep fried matcha ice cream bao (my new favourite). But it’s not just the menu alone that makes the venue, the whole atmosphere is unlike any other place in the area; it is relaxed and clean cut, it almost reminds me of a lobby café in New Farm. I could literally spend the whole day there; and now you can. Things are changing up, and they have officially got their liquor license (as of today), making them the first Sunnybank venue supplying craft beers. If you live on the South Side you would realise what a huge deal this is. We no longer have to drive for over half an hour for Sunday sessions when we can have it right in our back yard. Alcohol can be served from open (9:30 am) until they close at 12pm. Yes, I am just a bit excited!

Oh and here’s another spin to the story, they are pet friendly too. So why not bring ya pooch along?


Their Peach & Vanilla Lemonade $7 – Literally cannot wait till this is transformed into a cocktail! 


Pork Belly Bao with Cheese Fries – Perfect dish alongside some cold beers!

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