The Red Lion Hotel | Putting Moorooka on the map

Location: Beaudesert Road, Mooorooka 4105

Price: $8 – $65

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Overall Experience: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10


Not going to lie, when I received my invite for The Red Lion Hotel, I was like hell imma lose some tyres today in the hood. For extra safety I even made sure I took a plus one along with me. As someone who rarely ventures off into the area, I was unsure of what to expect; I had no idea if this place was actually legit. But rest assured, they have transformed the venue into a go-to spot (hell, I would even drive here from the North-side, it is that good) for locals.

The menu at a glance looks specific and to the point, no messing around; Which is essentially what you want to see when you go for pub grub right? Wrong! Even though it looks simple, their dishes are executed with utmost perfection by head chef Daniel Lazaroo. His passion shines through across all his creations; Honestly a breathe of fresh air for humble pub food. As for the drinks menu, it is extremely inexpensive starting at a mere $3.50 for a pint. I was actually quite surprised to see Kirin as a beer on offer; interesting nonetheless.

In a single sitting we got to try out a total of 16 dishes (Entree, Main & Dessert), none of which I could fault. Even their Parma was on point (and I usually would never order a parma).

Here are some of the dishes we got to sample:


Manchego, Corn + Jalapeno Croquettes ($7.90)

Deep Fried Tofu + Peanut Sauce ($7)

Chips, Persian Feta + Thyme Salt ($7)



Beef Short Ribs + Bourbon BBQ Sauce ($33 single/$65 share)

Slow Roast Chicken + Lemon + Thyme + Garlic ($19/90 half/$42 whole)

Chimichurri Marinated Lamb Leg ($28.90 single/$60 share)

Chicken Parma ($19)

The Red Lion Burger ($18.90)

Vegetable Frittata ($18)


Apple Crumble ($8.50)

Chocolate Souffle ($8.50)

Sticky Date Pudding ($8.50)


Deep Fried Tofu + Peanut Sauce – This was my favourite dish off the menu; silky tofu with flavoursome peanut sauce and fresh vegetables for extra crunch.


Manchego Corn + Jalapeno Croquettes – I could have seriously eaten this entire dish by myself; absolute sucker for crispy croquettes with a good punch of spicyness.


Chips, Persian Feta  + Thyme Salt – No these are not ordinary fries, they are life. Chips with feta are amazeballs, but  chips, feta and aioli  with that thyme salt..Legit-ness. Seriously, the food of the Gods. Zeus would be proud of this!



Beef Short Ribs + Bourbon BBQ Sauce – Ya’ll know how much I love my ribs right? Well these guys, delivered the good. The meat literally broke off the bone. Bloody beauty I tell ya!


Chimichurri Marinated Lamb Leg – I don’t even need to elaborate on this dish, the image speaks for itself. Cooked to perfection; I could cut through it with a butter knife.

201603241187161219 (1)

Slow Roast Chicken + Lemon + Thyme + Garlic – Another protein cooked to perfection, the chicken was full in flavour, spicy enough for my ethnic taste-buds and juicy af.


Chicken Parma – So I don’t really eat Parmas, cos I am not Australian and I just don’t get the whole hype for it, but this one was pretty good. Crispy schnitz with that cheesy goodness. Hell, I would eat it again.


The Red Lion Burger- I love how their entire menu only has one burger option on it but I must say, they do it well. And those fries again though!


Vegetable Frittata – Yes, they have herbivore friendly dishes too. Actually, quite enjoyed this. I think I would like it for a hungover breakfast cure.


Apple Crumble – Shut the front door! This is the best apple crumble I have ever had! Ever! Served up with vanilla bean ice-cream, it reminded me of freshly washed linen. Not in a bad way. It made me want to snuggle under the covers and chill the f out. Never quite had that sensation from a dessert before. I like it.


Sticky Date Pudding – Banana, sticky date pudding, and ice-cream all on one plate….Yeah, life is good!

After consuming all the above, I fell into one of the most blissful food comas and lived happily ever after. Why are you still reading this page when you could be at The Red Lion?

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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