Indian with a twist of Mexican | Indimex

Location: Stones Corner Village, Greenslopes

Meal: Dinner

Cost: $2.95 – $34.95

When you are craving Mexican, but you also want Indian. Porque no los dos? Indian and Mexican, both very different kinds of cuisine; Both are quite distinct and bold in their own right. You know what? I like it. As interesting as it sounds, it’s a fusion of flavours; bold, exciting flavours. As the name suggests, Indimex  offers a culinary mix of North Indian and Mexican dishes. Don’t fret though, if you aren’t up for something adventurous, you can still order traditional Indian or Mexican Cuisine.  Their entire menu is priced under $35 which is perfect for family dinners. Order a few main dishes and some naan to share.

What we ordered: 

To start – The Three Amigos ($12.95)

To ignite our taste buds, we started off with a married friendship of dips and corn chips. As the name suggests, a combination of the two cuisines offering Mexican Salsa, Seasoned Guacamole and Daal Makhani (lentils). It was a perfect way to start the night whilst we waited for our main meals. The serving size was generous, and would be best for 2 to 3 people.


Mains – Tikka Masala with Paneer (Cottage Cheese) ($15.95)

The first main dish we ordered was the Tikka Masala with Paneer. Served with Sauteed capsicum, onions and paneer in a creamy tomato sauce, this dish makes for the perfect vegetarian dinner. It was substantial, delicious, flavoursome, colourful and reasonably priced too. The best way to eat Indian/Mexican food is to order a few dishes and share them.

Saagwala ($16.95)

The second dish to share, was saagwala, a curry made from spinach and cooked on slow heat to retain the flavours. We ordered it with chicken which was perfectly cooked.

Sides – Cheese & Spinach Naan ($4.50) and Coconut Rice


Alot of people seem to play it safe when it comes to the side dishes. I would recommend adding a serious of dose extra flavour which is why we chose the cheese and spinach naan. Everyone knows we love cheese, but this cheesy filled naan was the real deal. It was amazing. A huge serving for naan which could have easily been shared between 3 people, and only $4.50. Don’t mind if I do.

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Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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