Location: 344 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Price: $35 – $65


Here at Brisbane Food Lovers, we are always looking for new and interesting things to do around Brisbane. An entirely new concept has come to town and it has managed to grab our attention. FlowAu has opened their doors in Queen Street, offering a perfect escape from the hustle of the city.

When I first heard of their offering, I was intrigued but at the same time unaware of what to except. After trying it though, I was sold. Okay, so what is it exactly that they do? Flow has brought Normatec Therapy to Brisbane. What is it, you may ask? Normatec is used by professional athletes, but can be used by regularly folk like us. It improves recovery of the legs after intensive training. Let me just say, it was absolutely bliss. I felt like I had a personal massage therapist for my legs (which is kind of what you want after a massive leg day of ass squats). Normatec works by increasing blood flow through your legs and is the best solution for strenuous recovery.

They also offer Floatation therapy. If you are into meditation, you would have probably heard of float before. Essentially, you lay in a tank of epsom salt and magnesium at a control temperature. Naturally, your body floats to the surface and becomes weightless. The tanks are commonly known as sensory deprivation tanks. A single hour in the tank is equivalent to four hours of sleep. Hello to lunch time relaxation in the city!!! Not only is it relaxing AF, it is also beneficial to your health, aiding weight loss, and mental stimulation. So, why are you still here reading this, when you could be indulging in ultimate relaxation?

Their sessions are priced at a reasonable $65 (Floatation), and $35 (Normatec).

Why not try it out for yourself?

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