Pizza Capers goes vegan

If I were writing this post a month ago, I would not be as enthusiastic as I am now. “Oh, Pizza Capers launched a new vegan pizza? Cool story bro.” To be honest that’s as excited as I would have gotten. But after spending a whole month cutting out gluten, read meat and sugar I have a whole new appreciation for a diversified menu.

I actually take my hat off to the team at Pizza Capers for creating a vegan pizza. After all food is meant to bring people together. There is nothing quite like ordering a few pizzas, and chilling out with your mates on a Sunday. But if you have intolerance or a preference for vegan food, ‘hanging out’ can sometimes be difficult. So I commend them on their move to cater for all dietary types.

Let’s talk about the actual pizza, the Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers. First point that I will make note of, they have kept the price the same as all their other pizza’s, $19.95 (Large). I absolutely love the fact that they have done that. Being vegan shouldn’t have to cost you any more. It’s made with sweet potato, button mushrooms, crushed garlic, pizza sauce, and yap, wait for it….vegan cheese. Garnished with salt flakes and rosemary for that added hit of flavour.

They haven’t forgotten about the sides either. Garlic Calzone ($5.95) has also been added to their menu.

<3 Vegan

<3 Gluten Free

<3 Dairy Free

<3 Vegetarian

View the full Vegan Range hereĀ 

Photographs supplied by Brisbane Food Lovers Photographer, Lewis Lotherington.

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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