Sirocco Noosa | Noosa Food & Wine Festival

Venue: Sirocco Noosa

Chef: Brad Webb

Events @ Food & Wine Festival  –

  1. Flights & Flavours – Chef Brad Webb teams up with Travis McAuley showcasing the best local produce and wine. Date: Friday 19th May @ 6pm. Cost: $145. book online.
  2. Sparkling Seafood Lunch – Decadent seafood lunch with Amadio Sparkling Wines whilst you soak up the sparkling Noosa River. Date: 20th -21st May. Cost: $120  book online.

I got taken on a culinary journey, through Northern Africa, all the way to the Middle East and the Mediterranean too; At the same time, my eyes got to feast on the sparkling views from the Noosa River, a treat on it’s own. Sirocco, a restaurant that holds no specific ethnicity but rather a story of many cultures infused in one. I asked owner Laila why they had named it Sirocco. “Sirocco is a wind, a wind that passes through the Sahara from Northern Africa all the way through to the Middle East and even parts of Greece. We capture flavours from every part that the Sirocco wind blows”, she told me. What a beautiful concept behind such fusion of flavours.

Much like the winds of the Sahara, Sirocco took me on a journey of a life time. For entree I ordered the Goats Cheese and Spinach Wagra Cigars with Spiced Beetroot Relish and Candied Walnuts ($17.50 on the regular menu). With every bite that I took, I fell into a deeper love affair. I didn’t want it to end. I still don’t. I would eat this dish every single day if I could. The walnuts were crunchy, sweet and made for a perfect balance with the bitter taste from the goats cheese. And then there was the goats cheese, soft on the inside but firm with crunch on the outer and perfectly balanced with the freshness from the beetroot. Why did it have to end?

I was trying to steer clear of meat dishes all together, but how does one resist a Confit Duck? I don’t think that is even humanely possible. Paired with fresh pomegranate, quinoa, tabbouleh, caramelised walnut and fesanjan jus, this gluten free option went down a treat. The duck itself was crispy on the outside (I actually took a minute when cutting into it to hear the crisp sound), the pomegranate freshened up the dish whilst the walnut added an element of texture. The dish is priced at $34.90, which is on the higher end of the price bracket for a lunch option, but the serving size was massive. I could comfortably have eaten that alone. No regrets with that choice, i would actually order that again just to hear that crisp cut of skin.

I don’t usually order off the specials menu as I feel it is limiting for our audience, but I could not pass up the offer of a Tarta Caprese (Flourless) with caramel and mascaporne. I have had many flourless desserts and yeah well, let’s be real, the either dry or too moist. This was the perfect balance. Every mouthful had me wanting more. Okay yeah, I think I should stop writing, I’m having a love affair with my food. 

<3 Gluten Free

<3 Dairy Free

<3 Vegetarian

Written by Aliyah Ravat

Organised by: Visit Noosa 

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