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Last night we sent the Brisbane Food Lovers boys (Lewis and Chris) to Zepickle so they could take one for the team and get shit done. This is not me admitting to old age, but I can’t smash burgers like I used to which is very sad; So sending the boys was an obvious choice plus  Lewis’s pics are so damn froth worthy, I just had to. The look on my face when I saw the insta-stories come through was absolute gold. These boys were not fucking around when they took on the challenge, they went absolutely ham on this task.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you would know that ZP is the holy grail of burgers. It’s where you go when you want to truly treat yo self. You don’t look back and regret what you have eaten, you salivate in the goodness. Every damn bite of it. You eat it like it’s your last meal. It’s almost like a love affair that comes around only at special times.

So what did they order: 

It’s a beauty isn’t it? Two perfect pieces of food art placed beside each other. I am probably going to get some major backlash for this article but seriously yolo, learn to treat yo self. On the left conquered by Lewis, The Double Chew Chew. Cos this was his moment to live life on the edge (truly); He ordered a burger with double, double (yes, I know I typed double twice) pressed wagyu beef patties, double American cheese, stout smoked bacon and BBQ cream. Yeah, my mouth almost dropped too when I read that back to myself. The ZP boys definitely don’t fuck around when it comes to creating towers of pure goodness. That’s one memorable burger. It took Lewis, 15 minutes in total to smash. Solid effort.

(here’s the photo twice, cos it’s a double double) 

And then there’s Chris’s choice. “I want a chicken burger, but surprise me”. Oh yeah and the below is what he got. It’s like a kinder surprise for adults except it has buns. Oh and fries too, did I forget those; With melted cheese goodness on top of crispy fried chicken. I’ll stop now. I’m not saying anyone should this everyday, but damn you got to try it at least once! Cos this guy is an absolute trooper, he consumed (I should probably write guzzled) this tower in under 5 minutes. It takes me longer than that to remember what my name is some days (#oldage).

Did you really think that they stopped there? Hell no! Why would anyone do that? They ordered my favourite thing off the entire menu. The ZeChips; I smile typing that. With cheeze sauce, maple smoked bacon and ZP sauce, the chips are a must have. And I am not writing this as a sales pitch! They are fucking legit-ly amazing. Like, stop wasting your time and calories trying loaded fries everywhere else. If you want to taste the real deal, this is where you go okay. And don’t be apologetic about it either.

If this were me, I would probably be curled up in a ball by this point, praying to Jesus. To finish off the feast of doom they ordered the Oreogazm. Deep fried Oreos in doughnut batter with Ice-cream and liquid Nutella. I’m just going to leave this article right here and let you’ll ponder the taste of this taste. You know you want it ex oh ex oh Gossip Girl.


***** DISCLAIMER – Both boys went to the gym right after their meals to work on gains

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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