Fried Chicken That’s Good For You | Farmer Chicken Now Available On Uber Eats

I love fried chicken; I hate making food (cos I am lazy and yes I am admitting to that); But I also don’t want to be unhealthy. All 3 of those things have come together with Farmer Chicken. Fried chicken that’s delivered to you (Hell yeah, more pyjama time) and it’s good for you! Yeah you read that correctly. Maybe the world really has been listening to my prayers.

The team behind Fritzenberger, Harajuku Gyoza, and Nitrogenie, have waved their wands of magic yet again and brought about the new delivery only concept through Uber Eats. Available for Brisbane residents, Farmer Chicken offers a menu that incorporates Cobram Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Lilydale Free Range Chicken, making for a wholesome delivery option. Using such premium ingredients has not been viable in the past as it is associated with high costs; So such an option is truly unique and we are extremely lucky to have it right here in Brisbane.

The menu can comfortably serve a whole family with their Farmer’s Harvest Feast, alike it is also suitable for a solo feast. Here’is a taste of what we got to try out.

<3 Gluten Free

<3 Vegan

<3 Vegetarian

Images by Brisbane Food Lovers photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


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