Warming up the German way | Bavarian Bier Café drops their new Autumn menu

A beer in hand and a belly full of food; There’s no better way to bring on the cooler months. Bavarian Bier Cafe (Eagle Street) has just dropped their new Autumn menu and of course we got the full coverage for you. The menu has kept some old favourites along with a new range of high quality meats, perfect for the cooler weather as well as a fresh line up of local and imported beers.

I would usually start a write up in order of the meals served (entree’s and then mains) but in this instance I am going to get right into it. The new menu boasts coffee spice-rubbed ribs with sweet BBQ sauce, Byron Bay Berkshire pork cutlet, and Great Southern Tasmanian lamb rump. From the Grainge Black Angus beef portfolio comes spice rubbed, aged beef rib sirloin, and ‘butcher’s cut’ minute steak that can be purchased per 100g. New additions work alongside classics like the crackling pork belly and crispy pork knuckle. Being the old souls that we are, we could not give up the opportunity to consume that glorious Pork Knuckle. Served with Creamy Mash, Sauerkraut, Bier Jus and Apple Compote the whopper of a dish will only set you back $35 (and let’s be real, you will probably be full for a week after).

(The pork knuckle in all its glory)

As the second main, we tried something from the new menu. It would have been rude to not order a steak especially when it’s a 350g Spiced Rubbed Aged Beef Rib Sirloin (with an MSA 3+ Grading). Served with fries, this bad boy would set you back a mere $32. I think that is extremely reasonable for a good piece of meat.

Here are a few highlights from the beer menu:

A new range of seasonal, small-batch brews by Urban Craft Brewing Co created through collaborations with smaller brewing companies throughout Australia. To pair with the  wagyu chilli beef sausages, and BBQ ribs, there’s the Imperial IPA on tap. A wheat-beer to pair with the pork cutlet will be released in Mid-May (Firecracker Blonde); Whilst July will see the arrival of  Red Bock, a full flavoured Winter warmer that pairs perfectly with knuckle.

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View the full menu here.

Information supplied by: Rock Pool Dining Group

Images by Brisbane Food Lovers Photographer, Lewis Lotherington.

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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