Dem Balls | The Raw Baller

Cos everything is better in its purest form with natural goodness. The Raw Baller brings you treats that are naked, nothing covering them, nothing that’s hidden in them. The lovely owner, Kylee, is based right here in Brisbane, so I think we all need to show her some extra love! Made with only the best of ingredients that are free from Gluten, Nuts and Sugar, there is also an option for all of us Vegans =). The three flavours on offer include:

  • The Baller – aka my alter ego ball. I swear it was made just for me, a raw brownie coated in coconut and freeze dried raspberries. 
  • The Smooth Caramel – the name speaks for itself, get some of dat salt in ya. 
  • Triple Cacao Pow- A Triple Cacao fudge Ball coated in Cacao Nibs and Raw Chocolate

Plus the Raw Snickers which is 100% Vegan (hells to the yeah).

You can find these delicious, heavenly bites at Little Loco Cafe and Flourish Super Food Cafe 

Dairy Free <3

Gluten Free <3

Sugar Free <3

Vegan <3

Photography by Brisbane Food Lovers photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

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