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Brisbane Food Lovers, a Brisbane Food Blog that was established in 2014. 8 years on, and many collaborations later, we now offer social media services, helping others to grow their social communities. 

Brisbane Food Lovers - about
Past & Present
How it allStarted

In 2014, Aliyah and Charlotte started the Instagram page, Brisbane Food Lovers. At the time, there were Insta-influencers or anything similar. "We started the page to share food, our love! Little did we know that our posts offered value to others seeking new cafes and restaurants in Brisbane." The Brisbane Food Blog also helped businesses by way of promotion. Not too long after, the written blog was created, an additional outlet for information sharing. Time has gone by and we've had the opportunity to work with thousands (not hundreds) of incredible small businesses in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Where It's AtNow

Fast forward almost 7 years later. We're still spreading the word of all things food and drinks in BNE via Instagram and through the blog. In 2020, The Food Lovers Marketplace, a platform that connects food & beverage consumers in their local area was launched. An Etsy for food and the first of its kind in Australia. Social Media Services have also been added to the offerings. Why have they been added and what gives us credibility to do so? Alongside Brisbane Food Lovers, I (Aliyah) have spent 8 years working in social media and digital marketing with qualifications in Marketing and Psychology. 

Meet the team

Aliyah | Brisbane Food Lovers


Marketing/Psychology geek with a never ending craving for food. Super small girl who dances and (sometimes) cries whilst eating. "It's such an emotional experience". Loves a good cup of tea. 

Leo Brisbane Food Lovers


Used to lift tingz (@leo_lifting_thingz) but now he spends more time eating tingz. Often heard saying things like, 'FFUCKKK YEAHHH' whilst shoving downs his food.

Luke McGrath | Brisbane Food Lovers


Residential Concierge > Full-time foodie/ part-time explorer / part-time content writer. The lovely friendly face often seen socialising at food events. Also the face behind @brisbanemyway.


Lewis (Photography)

Lewis also known as @lewislovestoeat - A Brisbane based foodie and photographer who specialises in capturing high quality food content. View Lewis's account to view examples of his work. 

Ashraf (Web/Graphic Design)

Ash has been our lifeline at Marketplace. A web designer with a creative eye. He doesn't stop until a solution is found. If you're after an engaging website that stands out from your competitors, Ash is your guy. Contact us for more info.

How to get the ball rolling

Making the first move can be daunting - which is why we prefer to keep things casual.

Keep itSimple

We’re real people, with an old school approach – so let’s keep things simple. If as a business, you believe that you may require assistance with social media, why not book in an influencer collab first. We can chat through your business needs whilst trying the product as consumers. If you’re happy with the suggestions we provide, we can put things in writing and get the ball rolling. 

Don'tOverthink it

It’s entirely okay to seek out assistance for your business venture. In fact, getting the right help will only improve your brand offerings. As an entrepreneur, I too have had similar questions, ‘What if they won’t want to work with my business?’, ‘What If my existing offerings/media are terrible?’, ‘Can I even afford this?’. We’re real people – call us, let’s grab a coffee – let us help you work on a solution.  

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