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Social Media Business Solutions That Deliver A Return

By Foodies for Foodies

Building a social media account that delivers a return (and not just a wall of pretty images), can be difficult and time consuming. We make things simple, calculated, less stressful and more 'social'. Our evidence based approaches have been tried and tested. A Guaranteed strategy that gets more customers through the door.

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Are you ready To Get Serious About Social?
You've tried it and it hasn't worked out...

We hear that more often than you'd know!

Yes, we do. It's an all too common story. "I tried the whole social media thing, but I just don't have time, and I didn't see much of a return anyway". 

Or, "I hired an agency and I paid quite a lot but there wasn't much of a return from it". 

We hear you. The thing is, we're not a regular agency. We started our food account even before influencers were a thing (flashbacks to life in 2014...sigh). And yap, look where we are now. Tried and tested every aspect of social and even went through a Psychology Degree to better understand online consumer behaviour.

And if that isn't convincing enough, we've also managed social media accounts in industries (e-commerce & software) where returns are measured.

You don't have to spend large amounts, or try to get on top of all the new social trends. You can sit back and leave it to us to take care of. 

After all, we know your customers, let us talk to them in a language that they understand. 

Person Centred Approach

'Social' media will always be about people. Understanding and communicating with the 'person' behind the device is an area in which we focus on. 

Hospitality Specific

Focusing on a single industry has allowed us to become experts in not just social media - but in social media for the hospitality industry. 

The Customer Journey

We help by engaging with online audiences - transitioning follower to consumer and maintaining that relationship virtually. 

Guaranteed Return

Not happy with the results your getting? No worries. We'll provide a full refund. 

Social Media Strategy and Training
Let us Build Your Community

Content Lasts for the duration of a campaign, Community Lasts a Life Time

More than pretty pictures with a quirky caption.

Your community are the people who'll support you when times are rough.

They'll send praises your way when you least expect it. 

They'll pull you aside and give you feedback when you need to hear it most. 

They help you succeed, SIMPLE!

How do we grow your community you may ask? We engage with them...We talk to them for you...We direct them from virtual space to your physical venue. 

But remember, they will be with you long after we've gone!

Help Within Reach
Solutions That Will Get More Customers Through the Door

We offer a range of Business Solutions including full suite social media management, social media strategy (created in-line with your existing business plan) as well as training programs and workshops (Available from August 2022).  

Social MediaManagement

This full suite service, caters for all your social media needs, adding value to your business and re-positioning your brand. We act as the online customer service and sales leg to your business, growing your virtual community, responding to comments and queries, as well as creating content that is effective.

All packages can be customised to suite your needs. 

Social Media Strategy

If you're serious about scaling your business, let us piece together your social strategy. You know you have a strong value offering and you're backed by a results driven team. All you need is some direction and the right tools to up your social game. We assist by analysing your existing business plan and marketing strategy. We then create social media strategies for you based on your goals and objectives.

Includes FREE training sessions, resources and handover.

Social Training & Workshops

Learn how to do it yourself. Whether you're a business owner, social media professional or an influencer, updating your skills and knowledge is essential. We host virtual training sessions (5 to 10 people), one-on-one sessions and group workshops (ideal for staff)  sharing all we know about social media. Giving you and your staff the right tools to scale your social accounts and achieve measurable results.

Available from August 2022.


BFL (Brisbane Food Lovers, the original account, aka where it all started. Have your restaurant/cafe featured on @brisbanefoodlovers to reach an audience of over 60K consumers in Brisbane. Opt for a featured post/reel, giveaway, or custom collaboration. 


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Sell your food & beverage products directly to our customers on The Food Lovers Marketplace. Join a marketplace with Australian bakers, home cooks, artisan producers, small batch producers and more. 

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