Pana Chocolate takes on Queensland

The wait is over fam, the best raw desserts I have ever had (like legit ever had) are coming to Queensland. I may have given up the healthy life a while ago and swapped my paleo treats for cheeseburgers, but when it comes to Pana, they make me want to revert back! Their famous raw Chocolate Mint Cake and raw Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cake can now be found at select outlets across the Queensland East Coast.

Chocolate Mint Cake: The cake with no limits on how many times you can say chocolate. Mint marshmallow, a thin coat of Pana Chocolate and a chocolate cheesecake layered on a chocolate cashew base. RRP $9.50 | 70g

Caramel Choc Chunk Cake. Caramel. Chocolate. Chunks. Need we say more? RRP $9.50 | 70g

caramelchoc caramel_whole_3


  • Fundies  Wholefood  Market  &  Café,  219  Given  Tce,  Paddington  4064
  • Fundies  Wholefood  Market  &  Café,  Shop  5/661  Oxley  Rd,  Corinda  4075
  • Wray  Organic,  Cnr Ross  Court  &  Bloomfield  St,  Cleveland  4163
  • KIAH  Organic  and  Wholefood  Warehouse,  Mount  Gravatt  4122
  • Synergy  Pharmacy  &  Health  Store,  Shop  17,  280  Queen  St,  Post  Office  Square,  Brisbane  City  4000
 Sunshine  Coast
  • Vanilla  Food,  Belomondo’s  Organic  Market,  59  Rene  St,  Noosaville  4566
  • Wray  Organic,  98  Russell  St,  Toowoomba  4350


Vegan <3

Raw <3

Dairy Free <3

Sugar Free <3

Gluten Free <3


 Curated by Aliyah Ravat
Information supplied by: Hidden Characters



Raindrop Cake Plan

Raindrop Cakes Land in Brisbane

Alas, the cult Raindrop Cake has landed on Australian shores and onto the tables of Harajuku Gyoza in South Bank.

So what exactly are these gelatinous balls of goodness? Traditionally known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, the dessert is made from spring waterand agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin; the Raindrop Cake is virtually clear, like a drop of water.It can be scooped and eaten as a dessert with brown sugar syrup (called Kuromitsu) and Kinako (roasted soy flour) mixed with sesame powder.

Harajuku has added a little spin to the dessert, offering a strawberry flavoured cake with fresh strawberry,blueberry and raspberries inside and is served with condensed milk and kinako and crushed peanuts.

Need I say more? Get amongst it people!!!

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

Raindrop Cake Plan


Month-long Brewfest Celebrations at Bavarian Bier Cafe

Location: Bavarian Bier Café, Eagle Street

Date: 4 April to 29 April

CALLING ALL BEER LOVERS! A whole month of celebrations at Bavarian as they introduce a number of new craft beers as well as show appreciation to one of Bavarian’s oldest beers. 2 new craft beers and a cider will be exclusively released at the café over the next month and to celebrate, the first 200 guests at each release will be able to get their hands on a collectors glass.

Releases (Parties on Friday commence at 5pm):

Good Pickin’s Apple Cider  – 8th April

Limited edition Porter named Pretty Purrsuasion – 15th April

Hofbrau Original (Bavarian’s oldest brew) – 22nd April

Devil’s Daughters Double IPA – 29th April
Information supplied by: COCOM PR
Curated by: Aliyah Ravat

Sunnybank Food Trail – It’s Back!

Date: Saturday 21st November

Time: 2pm onwards

Location: Sunnybank Plaza & Sunny Park. 20+ restaurants and outlets participating.

The popular Sunnybank food trail is back! Get excited for this popular event held next on Saturday 21st November 2015!

Sunnybank has an amazing array of food and drink to offer with over 50 food outlets and restaurants to choose from. This is great but as we have experienced ourselves, it can also be overwhelming! The Sunnybank food trial provides the opportunity to choose your own Sunnybank foodie adventure with samples of various dishes from participating restaurants and outlets for only $2.

Each stop on the trail will be offering one or two mini-dishes, allowing you to navigate your way through a spectacular range of Asian cuisines. You can expect to see dishes from various cuisines such as Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and more!


For more information on the event and transportation methods to event visit: