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Get featured on Brisbane Food Lovers - Showcasing your business to an audience of over sixty thousand people who live in Brisbane and love food!

If you are reading this, it's cos you've followed our page for a while now, and you've probably used it to help you decide where to eat. Am I right? Established in 2014, Brisbane Food Lovers is one of the longest standing Instagram food accounts in Brisbane. On this page, you will find our user stats, packages and pricing options for featured posts. 

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Instagram Stats

It's all in the numbers. What you can expect from a single post on our account. 

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Promotional Packages

Below you will find 4 of our standard packages. For a custom solution please contact us, providing information about the campaign, your venture, expected deliverables and proposed budget. 

Package From: $250

Feature Post/Reel

Your brand/venue showcased to an audience of 60 000 people in Brisbane who love food. The feature post/reel will include images that we have captured of your venue as well as information on the dishes tried. A great option if you're looking to gain brand exposure.

Click the image to view an example post.


We will share 1 x Instagram post/reel using content that we capture, as well as 3 Insta-stories. The venue will have full usage rights of images taken as well as content.
Package From: $100

Group Post

The group post is a feature list (eg. top places for Korean BBQ in Brisbane, top places for ramen) focusing on a specific menu item or venue type. This is a great option if you'd like your venue to gain recognition amongst the best that Brisbane has to offer. . Note* some of your competitors may be included in this list, however, group posts have a higher level of engagement as they provide VALUE to the reader.

Click the image to view an example post.


We will share 1 x group Instagram post and 3 Insta-stories sharing our experience at your venue.
Package From: $150

Giveaway | Social Growth Campaign

A giveaway is a great way to create hype around your brand, showcase your offerings and increase your social media following. We run a giveaway campaign on @brisbanefoodovers, ensuring that entrants are following your account as part of the giveaway mechanism. Most businesses increase their following by 200-400 during


We will share 1 x Instagram post/reel about the giveaway, as well as 3-5 Insta-stories. Giveaways are also shared in our weekly newsletter. Images to be provided by the venue. Giveaway posts run for a week and are removed once the winner has been announced.
Package from: AUD $150
Content sharing

A great option for venues looking to share information about an upcoming event, a new menu special or a promotional offering. A simple, no fuss solution that will have your business info shared to an audience of 60 000 people in Brisbane. 


You provide the information/content and we'll share it with our online food community. We will share 1 x Instagram post/reel as well as an insta-story.

At the end of each campaign, we will send through all relevant stats associated with the post. This will help you gauge traction. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept all collaborations. We aim to provide honest information that is in line with our audience interests. As a result, we only choose to work with select businesses/brands. Put simply, we don’t want to be telling people to head to ‘Jim’s’ for the best burgers in Brisbane when they aren’t the best burgers around. 

Unfortunately not. As with the response above, we aim to provide honest feedback to our audience. If a campaign has been booked in and the food/service tasted on the day is not satisfactory, we will provide you with feedback and will not continue with a post. You will not be charged for this. 

After the deliverables (posts/stories etc) have gone live, we will send you post stats along with an invoice. All payments are made via bank transfer. 

If a post has gone live and the engagement is not at it’s highest, we will create multiple posts to ensure that you receive coverage.  

We have been promoting businesses for over 7 years. In that time, we have amassed a large audience, which lives in Brisbane, with a direct interest in food. We have built our audience organically through trust and honesty. Our audience is your customer, and the intent of a post is to increase sales/awareness, therefore a post is a marketing activity. 

I can mentally hear a few people say, “you just eat food, how is that work?”. Yes, we take time out of our working day to eat food. We also capture content, that we know our audience will recept well too. Most importantly, we spend 2 hours a day engaging on with the food community to ensure that posts receive traction. In a week, this equates to 14 hours. This is what sets us apart from other bloggers. Our posts have a greater likelihood of ‘being seen’. More views = more engagement = more business for you.