Top 3 Burger Places in Brisbane | People’s Choice

We turned to all of you to help us with a question that we have pondering for some time. It’s a great debate, almost as relevant as the one of pineapples on pizza, ‘who has the best burgs in Brisbane’. So here are all your votes combined:

Miss Kay’s

The most voted for burger place in Brissy, as chosen by ya’ll is Miss Kay’s. For those of you who haven’t paid them a visit, they have 3 stores (Brisbane CBD, Mitchelton & Springwood), so get on to it and let us know your thoughts. You can view the full menu here.


If this didn’t make the list I would low key start crying and lose all faith in humanity. Absolutely love that their menu is reasonably priced and every burg is so damn consistent. It’s great to see that the people of Brisbane have these guys on their radar.

Ze Pickle

Thank you guys so much for adding the holy grail of burgs aka ZP to your list. It’s my personal favourite and our go-to spot for group hangs. If you haven’t already popped by, you can visit them in Fortitude Valley or Camp Hill. The full menu can be viewed here.

I am really surprised that we only got one vote in for Ben’s Burgers, what’s going on people!!!!!! Other spots worth noting that didn’t quite make the top 3 are:


Betty’s Burgers

Fat Belly Jack’s (which I am yet to try cos I am waiting for my next cheat day).