Stones Corner Hotel | New Menu

Location: Stones Corner

Meal: Dinner

Overall Experience: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 7/10

The Stones Corner Hotel  is your friendly, local, daggy pub; and I must say, it works for them. Here’s an interesting fact, the area itself was named after the iconic pub;  through the peaks and troughs of the suburb, the venue has remained a local favourite.

Their new menu encompasses traditional pub favourites with a twist of American Soul Food. Let’s face it, nothing beats some greasy pub grub washed down with a few brews.

So, here are some of the dishes that we got to try out before their official launch on Thursday (12th November 2015):


I am an absolute sucker for cheesy fries. These bad boys were topped with cheddar, bacon and chorizo crumbs. I enjoyed this dish, the flavours worked a treat, however the textures could be improved. The chips were thickly cut, and were slightly soggy rather than the crispy fries associated with cheese fries. Nonetheless still a pleasant option.



Mmmm, loaded nachos, with pulled pork, cheese and sour cream. That pulled pork was heavenly, in fact I wish they were more of it. I would also ask for some guacamole on the side to complete the dish. Can never go wrong with nachos and beer.



Saving the best till last, the impressive tower of goodness. The share plate that will not disappoint. Moreton Bay bugs, fresh prawns, natural Kilpatrick oysters, smoked salmon, crumbed prawns, calamari, scallops, battered fish, chips, salad & fruits. There is no better way to celebrate the Australian Summer;  platter filled with seafood goodness, cold beers and mates. It’s all happening at the Stones Corner Hotel.



Thai At Home Brisbane

Location: Hawken Drive, St Lucia

Meal: Lunch/Dinner/Dessert

Price: $6.50 – $20

Overall Experience: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Being a self-confessed Thai food connoisseur, I jumped at the chance to attend the launch of Thai At Home Brisbane. Formerly known as Bangkok Delight, this charming, family-owned restaurant in St Lucia just completed a large refurbishment and a total rebrand to bring you an authentic and delicious Thai dining experience.

The value of family can be consistently seen throughout the entire Thai At Home experience, through the gorgeous photo wall, the homely decor, and most importantly the delicious menu offerings! With the notion of family comes the notion of sharing, and the owners of Thai At Home strongly believe that good food should be shared between those that you love.

The mixed entree plate was stocked with samples of classic Thai favourites such as curry puffs, spring rolls, fish cakes and satay sticks. All delicious, it was difficult to exercise restraint and only eat my fair share. But once the mains arrived, it was totally worth it…

IMG_6723 IMG_6740

Thai at Home showcased to us a broad selection of their main dishes. First to arrive was a whole fish in sweet chilli sauce. Conveniently, the fish was already filleted, making it easier for us to tuck in straight away. The sauce had a delectable sweet and sour taste and the whole fish on the platter just looked generally impressive. The beef mussaman curry was sweet and nutty and had a great balance of meat and vegetables. The beef was also beautifully soft, not tough! The tamarind beef was delicious and the pieces had a somewhat crispy texture which made them so moreish, and their pad thai was simple but flavoursome…not overpowering with spices like some pad thai dishes that I have experienced.


Dessert consisted of a delicious plate of fresh strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce and cream, and a traditional dessert of Thai custard with sweet coconut sticky rice. Having never tasted a traditional Thai dessert before, the flavour and texture combination was so interesting and really enjoyable!


The team at Thai At Home want to bring the best, most authentic Thai food to the whole of Brisbane, so make sure you pay them a visit soon!

Check them out on Facebook here or Instagram @thaiathomebrisbane