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New Opening | Holey Moley set to open up at Wintergarden

This fabulous city of ours is about to get even better with a whole new level of fun landing at Wintergarden in the CBD.

On the 29th of November, Holey Moley will open up their second location at Wintergarden, bringing its cocktail bar meets mini-golf course, retro party and social commentary locale slash all-out cool vibe to the city. I don’t about ya’ll but i think this is going to my new after work cocktail spot on a Friday!

Holey Moley Wintergarden will feature nine hilariously preposterous mini golf holes including:

  • True Blue Green, a tribute to Aussie legend, Steve Irwin
  • Vincent Van Golf, putt through a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom
  • A Hop, Skip and A Gump,  a Forrest Gump theme, complete with shrimp and a box of chocolates
  • Drop It Like It’s Slot, a wacky slot machine
  • Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off, a delightful day at the funfair with a helter-skelter, ferris wheel, popcorn and prizes
  • Makin’ it Rain, try to take a shot in a room full of flying cash!
  • Hole 9 & ¾, Harry Potter themed – can magic help you get a hole in one?
  • Gone Fishin’, a double-level hole featuring the ocean and all its mysteries including a huge, ferocious shark, and Kong Live the King, try to avoid the giant primate atop the Empire State Building!

To soak up the alcohol and fuel the fun, they will have on offer Stone Baked Pizzas and their legendary burgers, the Holey Cheezus and the Dirty Birdie plus some soul warming soul.

If you are still looking for a work Christmas party venue, this will be a sure winner but you better get in quick with the group bookings.

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Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 10am to 11pm and Friday & Saturday 10am to 12am (last bookings 20 mins prior to close)

Location: Level 1 Wintergarden, Queen Street

Information supplied by: Kath Rose & Associates

Published by: Aliyah Ravat


Johnny Rockets Review

Location:  Shop 49 – 51/1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

View the menu here.

What we ordered: Nacho Tots, Southern Crispy Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Route 66 Burger, Oreo Shake, Strawberry Shake

GET THE SHAKES! We had the Oreo and strawberry shakes and absolutely loved them, they were full of decadent flavors and worked perfectly to complement the burgs.

The burger we tried was the Route 66! The onions and cheese paired well together with a perfectly cooked patty. The mayonnaise was not too much and allowed the flavors to flow together.

The Southern Crispy Chicken was perfectly breaded and served hot and nailed the southern flavor! The lettuce and tomato were both very fresh, and the mayonnaise also allowed the flavors to mesmerize our taste buds.

The chicken tenders had the same breading and were decently sized making for great value…definitely upgrade to 5 for the couple dollars extra! The ranch sauce wasn’t too harsh and went well with the breading spices!

Overall we left full and very satisfied with the service! They were extremely polite and quick! One note is that they are cashless, so have your card ready! Management was also very attentive to customers and made sure everyone was having a good meal. The old school aura went well with cool music and a younger vibe. Another interesting feature in here is the CrowdDj sort of jukebox! As sort of an Homage to vintage American diners, this feel contributes to the old school vibes with a modern touch! You can play your Spotify music on it while you enjoy your classic American burgers!

Review written by: Sajith Meepe

Invite by Department Group Marketing


Top 3 Burger Places in Brisbane | People’s Choice

We turned to all of you to help us with a question that we have pondering for some time. It’s a great debate, almost as relevant as the one of pineapples on pizza, ‘who has the best burgs in Brisbane’. So here are all your votes combined:

Miss Kay’s

The most voted for burger place in Brissy, as chosen by ya’ll is Miss Kay’s. For those of you who haven’t paid them a visit, they have 3 stores (Brisbane CBD, Mitchelton & Springwood), so get on to it and let us know your thoughts. You can view the full menu here.


If this didn’t make the list I would low key start crying and lose all faith in humanity. Absolutely love that their menu is reasonably priced and every burg is so damn consistent. It’s great to see that the people of Brisbane have these guys on their radar.

Ze Pickle

Thank you guys so much for adding the holy grail of burgs aka ZP to your list. It’s my personal favourite and our go-to spot for group hangs. If you haven’t already popped by, you can visit them in Fortitude Valley or Camp Hill. The full menu can be viewed here.

I am really surprised that we only got one vote in for Ben’s Burgers, what’s going on people!!!!!! Other spots worth noting that didn’t quite make the top 3 are:


Betty’s Burgers

Fat Belly Jack’s (which I am yet to try cos I am waiting for my next cheat day).





Global burger chain, Carl’s Jr has officially landed in Brisbane. They opened their second Australian store at the Brisbane Domestic Airport Terminal at the end of June, offering travellers a taste of juicy goodness. This is merely the beginning; The fast food giant plans on opening up nearly 300 stores over the next decade. You all know how much we love our burgers (and fast food), so we decided to try it out for ourselves. I must say I was a bit taken aback when I first saw the media images for the brand. They have always been known for their controversial marketing campaigns with ambassadors such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian; but I wasn’t quite sure how the Australian public would react to such controversy. We aren’t used to seeing raunchy images of celebrities  alongside our convenience food. All in all, I think people have been open to the new comer, and have welcomed them with open arms (I think the rarity might have something to do with that).

So if you are catching your next flight from the Domestic Terminal, and need food whilst you are in transit, paying a visit to Carl’s is a given. But If you live here In Brisbane, and you have been waiting years to sink your teeth into one of their burgers, I would recommend parking your car at Skygate and catching the internal bus to the terminal. This way you get to save on parking costs, and you won’t have to think about rushing home, when you feel like a blown up whale after eating. Oh, and dress light, remember you have to get through airport security.


Alright, well back to the food now! At a first glance, the fast food joint, looks like every other burger place out there, but truth is they’re not. So yes, Carl’s Jr is never going to be the next Zepickle (as someone on our Instagram page tried making a comparison of the two. They are two totally different offerings for different markets); It is a fast food outlet, as in  great importance is placed on convenience. However, they totally trump other fast food joints here in Australia; not only in terms of taste, but also the quality of produce and the size of the offering (yes, they do big burgers). You will notice the menu has ‘ThickBurgers’, these are extremely large burgers made with Angus Beef and freshly baked buns. Oh and you can taste that the buns are very fresh. The options of ThickBurgers are a treat with Jalapeno, Portobello Mushroom, Guac Bacon; Not your average menu choices. They then have Chargrilled burgers which are almost quite similar to Hungry Jacks, but obviously done in the way that Carl’s does it best. They also have their chicken range and serve up breakfast. And in true American style, they have shakes on offer with their burgers (hell to the yeah). Whether it be a Vanilla Hand Scooped Shake, an Oreo Shake or simply one of their Pineapple Smoothies, you need to get onto it. Oh and did I mention they have Crisscut fries. It’s kinda like everything you see in the movies.


Jalapeno ThickBurger – Chargrilled Angus Beef with Melted Swiss Cheese, Sliced Jalapeno Peppers, Salad, Santa Fe Sauce on a Fresh Bun. So much yassss to this burger. It was huge and delicious. We both found the patties a little over done but they were still very tasty as a whole. The sizing is a lot larger than we expected, especially with convenience food.

Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger –  I am a creature of habit, so whenever I eat greasy fast food, it is always a a cheeseburger with extra bacon. This one in particular, is my new favourite thing. Not one but two Angus Patties, Melted American Cheese, Bacon, Crispy Onion Rings, BBQ Sauce on a seeded bun. Okay, where do I start; That bacon was legit; it was almost candied, and they were very generous with the size. Just the way I like it. To be honest, I am kind of glad that they are at the airport, cos if they were closer to the city, I would probably be there everyday.

Sides – For sides, of course we ordered the Crisscut Fries and the Hand Breaded Onion Rings. The novelty of trying the Crisscut Fries was great, but we need to pay homage to those Onion Rings. They were amazing. Not like your regular onion rings which are commercial and perfectly cut. These are the real deal! They are all hand-crumbed and taste fresh. This sounds bizarre but they almost taste like really good KFC.

View the full menu here

CARLSWritten by: Aliyah Ravat





Burger Urge launches their new menu

It has been over 6 months in the making, Burger Urge has finally launched a new menu after 3 years. The grandfather of burgers has been around for over a decade and has since opened 15 stores nationwide. The team have come together to recreate an innovate menu aligned with the fast growing burger trends.They have partnered with Brisbane Chef, Mel Townsend (Vanilla Zulu) to adapt the ‘extreme’ menu.

We were lucky enough to try out their new offerings, and I will admit they were on impressive.


Cos everyone needs a sexy, scrumptious side b**tch, I would suggest going hard on these. Thick Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Chips, Onion Rings & their oh so delicious Buffalo Wings. Everyone knows their fries, sweet potato included are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! But their wings took me to heaven. I was pleasantly surprised by the intense flavours and did I mention they actually have meat on their wings. Nothing disappoints more than scrawny wings with nothing to bite on.

12640310_728899620580021_3963416002100792252_o 12672006_728899703913346_8517229340354207248_o

Perfect for a hangover cure, I would recommend their greasy Chilli Cheeze Fries & Cheezy Chipotle Corn. The cheezyness though…. My insides are definitely well oiled after that! I love how they added in jalapenos and corn to the fries, technically makes it healthy with all those vegetables right..

12628574_728899580580025_6348974072602364941_o 12696902_728899543913362_6495926948687512004_o


Moving on to the important part, the burgers of course.. I ordered the New Yorker which is personal favourite; can never go wrong with a burger that has maple bacon on it. Sandwiched together with prime ground Australian Beef, melted American style cheddar & hickory bbq sauce (would insert heart faced emoji If I could). That sauce though….The only negative comment I have is that the cheese was placed on top of the bacon rather than on the patty itself, but nonetheless it still tasted amazing. Also got in the Aussie spirit and ordered the Zorba (lamb) with haloumi, onion jam, basil pesto and to add to my daily fruit intake a piece of pineapple was included.

12694526_728899497246700_640542185462849376_o 12697259_728899447246705_3805378376678646158_o


Kelis ain’t got nothing on these guys, there milkshakes definitely bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. Included in the new menu is the Nutella Peanut Butter Shake & White Choc Strawberry Jam. Self explanatory if you ask me. Just try them alright.. Word of advice, if you are planning on eating all of the above, I would highly recommend playing some party tunes after and dancing the fatness off. Yes, I did that cos the menu made me happy.


View the full menu here 

Written by: Aliyah Ravat 



Valentines Day | Couples that eat ribs together stay together | Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

Location: James Street, Fortitude Valley (Outside Palace Cinemas)

Date: Sunday 14th February

You know it’s true love when you are comfortable enough to sink your teeth into juicy sauce covered rack of ribs in front of each other. The messiness, that satisfying look on your face (That orgasmic look)…ah it must be love.

Ribs & Burgers has put together a list of Rib realities for all of you. Eat ya hearts out:

  1. The Couple That Eats Ribs Together, Stays Together – eating ribs together is the true test of a relationship! If you can get through a plate and look up at your partner, covered in sauce and meat bits and still have love in your eyes (and theirs), it’s a match made in culinary heaven!


  1. Hot Chili Lamb Ribs – this takes a classic Aussie flavour and smashes it with chili and is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice for the daredevil couple, or the couple that does Cross Fit together.


  1. Pork Baby Rack is not the name of a new female rapper from East LA; it’s a much loved offering at Ribs & Burgers, and is the preferred option by those in “new” relationships (read: minimal sauce face coverage!).


  1. Lamb Ribs – these are for Valentine’s Day couples who are still celebrating Australia Day, and just can’t put the Aussie Flag on their car dashboard away just yet!


  1. Pork Spare Ribs with sticky soy chili peanut – the ribs for the couple with FOMO. This dish has everything, and deserves to be Instagrammed, Tweeted and even put up on Tumblr!!


  1. BBQ Beef Ribs – the rib feast for couples who have kids; they have seen their fair share of mess and gore, and are not afraid to attack the BBQ Beef Rib with ferocity. For this couple, dining at Ribs & Burgers on Valentine’s Day is an excuse to eat uninterrupted, and without having to clean up the mess. Even on their own faces (over 1000 towelettes are used to mop up the glaze sauce covering fingers and faces daily at Ribs & Burgers, and the staff are happy to wipe faces if needs be!).


  1. While Shared Plates are de rigueur today for any dining establishment, ribs actually kick-started the ‘trend’ way back, oh about 35,000 years ago when a loved-up, cave-dwelling couple dined together. Ribs & Burgers is simply carrying on the tradition, albeit in a more organised, hygienic and flavour-filled manner.


Written by: Kath Rose & Associates 

Curated by: Aliyah Ravat

Brisbane’s underground bar | Greaser Bar

Location: Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Price: $8 -$28

Meal: Dinner

Overall Experience : 7/10

Food: 6/10

Service: 10/10

A bar beneath the streets, located off a lane-way in Fortitude Valley. With a menu boasted comfort food, we were lucky enough to try out some Greaser’s best offerings.

Starting off with their cocktails, we got to try out the New Yorker made with Gin, Breakfast Tea, Lemon, Oleo, Saccharum, Egg White & Pimento Bitters. I personally loved the flavours of this cocktail, it was light and fun and the tea worked an absolute treat.


The second cocktail on offering was the ‘Honey Make Money’. Made with Rhum Blanc, Elderflower Liqueur, Coconut Falernum, Honeydew Melon & Lime. This was the most refreshing drink on the menu with the added bonus of some cocktail theatre.


All of their cocktails are priced between $18 and $20.

Now, to the food! We started off with the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Gravy & Chipotle. I must say, this was probably the first time I have ever had wings with gravy and I loved it. I would go back for those perfectly crispy wings.


For main course we got to try one of their Cheese Burgers with Crinkle Cut Chips. The Cheese Burger for me was quite average, there was nothing special about it. However, the chips were divine. Got to wash that all down with one of their Boozey Milkshakes.



McDonald’s | Create Your Taste

Location: Australia

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Pricing: $2 – $25

Food: 8/10

Service: 5/10

As of the 1st of June 2015, McDonald’s Australia rolled out their new ‘Create Your Taste’ concept in all stores. Customers get the opportunity to create their own gourmet meal, which unlike their traditional meals, is served up on a wooden platter. The first time I got to try out this new concept was at the McDonald’s launch, so naturally all aspects of the service were outstanding and polished up for us bloggers.

I paid them a visit a few weeks ago to see how this concept has been working for them, and to say the least, I was far from satisfied. I will admit, the burgers are probably some of the best I have had, but the service offering, did not quite work for me. The wait on food was a lot longer than expected, and our meals had been mixed up. For me personally, the reason I go to a fast food place is to get my meal quickly without having to wait.

In the Brisbane Food scene, with so many burger places opening up over night; if I wanted a gourmet burger I would opt for Chur Burger or Miel Container. But the reason I love McDonald’s is cos they give me my food quickly and oh, that greasy goodness!

What are your thoughts on the new Create Your Taste concept?