Channel Nine’s Family Food Fight | Applications Close 12th May

Does your family have what it takes to spice things up in the kitchen? To you, food is a family affair; Creating delicious food comes naturally to you, It run’s in your blood.

Channel Nine is playing host to their newest TV show, Family Food Fight and they are looking for people just like you!

What They Are Looking For: 

  • Family of 4 ( Varied dynamic: Mum, Dad, Son & Daughter, 4 Sisters, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Auntie, Twins and their partners, ie related and have a passion for food).
  • 1-2 of the people in each family that are seriously strong and creative cooks with a broad range of knowledge for other cuisines outside of their cultural background.
  • Open to people who have experience working with food, be it in Restaurant, Kitchens, Cafes, food stalls etc.. They just CANNOT be qualified Chefs or professionally trained.

What Is It: 

  • It is a competition against other families and they will be competing for a large cash prize as well as the title of Australia’s greatest Food Family
  • Filming will take place from around July to Aug
  • Filming will take 7 weeks
  • Each person within the family will be compensated with a fee while they are participating in filming
  • Filming will take place in Melbourne – all flights and accommodation are paid for by production

Casting process ends Friday the 12th of May.

Application for can be found here