Raindrop Cake Plan

Raindrop Cakes Land in Brisbane

Alas, the cult Raindrop Cake has landed on Australian shores and onto the tables of Harajuku Gyoza in South Bank.

So what exactly are these gelatinous balls of goodness? Traditionally known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, the dessert is made from spring waterand agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin; the Raindrop Cake is virtually clear, like a drop of water.It can be scooped and eaten as a dessert with brown sugar syrup (called Kuromitsu) and Kinako (roasted soy flour) mixed with sesame powder.

Harajuku has added a little spin to the dessert, offering a strawberry flavoured cake with fresh strawberry,blueberry and raspberries inside and is served with condensed milk and kinako and crushed peanuts.

Need I say more? Get amongst it people!!!

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

Raindrop Cake Plan


School holiday fun at Cowch

Location: Cowch, South Bank

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Date: School Holidays (Friday 25th March to Friday 8th April)

Cost: $15

So, you have decided to take the kids out for a day in the city over the school holidays; at this point you have already circled GOMA a few times, lunch hour is quickly approaching and the hangry-ness (that is a word, in my world), starts to kick in. Why not take the little rugrats to Cowch for a little trip behind the scenes of their favourite DIY dessert venue, creating their own smoothie and naked pop! They will leave with happy bellies and enough energy to swim laps at the lagoon, before you head home, where they will be ready to wind down and head to bed. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

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Curated by: Aliyah Ravat

CR Christmas Pudding[6][1]

Not your traditional Christmas pudding | Cold Rock

There’s less than 10 days until Christmas, and if you haven’t already planned out your festive culinary spread, let’s face it, the next few days are going to be an absolute rat race for you. Take the fuss out of your menu by ordering a not so traditional Christmas Pudding that your family and friends will love.

I will admit, I am not  huge fan of the traditional pudding. For me, it is far too sweet and decadent of our warm Queensland Summer. Never fear, Cold Rock has got our backs! A dessert that will help you cool down after a scorcher of a day. Ideal for Christmas next to the pool.

The best part is that you can choose your own flavours and add in delicious toppings to this marvel! Yes, you read that correctly. Your own custom ice-cream pudding. What more could one ask for? Wait for it….. These babies will only set you back between $25 (small) and $35 (regular). If you ask me, that is a small price to pay for a fuss free Christmas.


Written By: Aliyah Ravat


Sandgate’s hidden gem | Il Forno Pizzeria

Meal: Dinner

Price: $8 – $25

Location: 3 Third Ave, Sandgate QLD 4017

Open from 5pm – 7 nights a week

Serves Alcohol


It’s no secret that some of the best restaurants can be found tucked away down backstreets in small suburbs and this is no lie with hidden gem Il Forno Pizzeria in Sandgate. We headed along to this busy pizzeria on a Saturday night and were very impressed with their extensive menu and friendly staff. We ordered one entree between us (in order to save space for dessert) which was the pizza bread which we added feta and chorizo to – the result was a light and tasty entree to get our tastebuds ready for the main event – Pizza!


Ilforno offer many topping combinations for their woodfired pizzas but we settled for the L’Anatra – duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber and fresh spring onion (unusual, right?) and we must say it was one of the best pizzas we have ever had! 


We ended the night with a dessert pizza – nutella of course, topped with vanilla bean gelato and crushed hazelnuts and the Panna cotta which was delicious and creamy and was complemented perfectly by a mixed berry and mint compote. The panna cotta was to date the best we have ever had in Brisbane! Not a bad effort from the humble suburban pizzeria.

IMG_20151214_190609 IMG_20151214_190657

We cannot fault this place one bit! We will definitely be back!

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Written by: Charlotte Louise