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New Opening | Holey Moley set to open up at Wintergarden

This fabulous city of ours is about to get even better with a whole new level of fun landing at Wintergarden in the CBD.

On the 29th of November, Holey Moley will open up their second location at Wintergarden, bringing its cocktail bar meets mini-golf course, retro party and social commentary locale slash all-out cool vibe to the city. I don’t about ya’ll but i think this is going to my new after work cocktail spot on a Friday!

Holey Moley Wintergarden will feature nine hilariously preposterous mini golf holes including:

  • True Blue Green, a tribute to Aussie legend, Steve Irwin
  • Vincent Van Golf, putt through a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom
  • A Hop, Skip and A Gump,  a Forrest Gump theme, complete with shrimp and a box of chocolates
  • Drop It Like It’s Slot, a wacky slot machine
  • Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off, a delightful day at the funfair with a helter-skelter, ferris wheel, popcorn and prizes
  • Makin’ it Rain, try to take a shot in a room full of flying cash!
  • Hole 9 & ¾, Harry Potter themed – can magic help you get a hole in one?
  • Gone Fishin’, a double-level hole featuring the ocean and all its mysteries including a huge, ferocious shark, and Kong Live the King, try to avoid the giant primate atop the Empire State Building!

To soak up the alcohol and fuel the fun, they will have on offer Stone Baked Pizzas and their legendary burgers, the Holey Cheezus and the Dirty Birdie plus some soul warming soul.

If you are still looking for a work Christmas party venue, this will be a sure winner but you better get in quick with the group bookings.

ex oh ex oh

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 10am to 11pm and Friday & Saturday 10am to 12am (last bookings 20 mins prior to close)

Location: Level 1 Wintergarden, Queen Street

Information supplied by: Kath Rose & Associates

Published by: Aliyah Ravat


Gelatissimo donate to the McGrath Foundation with every scoop sold of new limited-edition flavour

Gelatissimo has partnered with the McGrath Foundation to create a limited-edition flavour that will make a difference this February. For every scoop sold of the new Deluxe Range flavour, Ruby Love, 50 cents will go directly to the McGrath Foundation and its McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who provide invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support for free to families experiencing breast cancer across Australia.

Made fresh in-store, Ruby Love is a delicious pink gelato made with seedless raspberries, fragrant rosewater, locally-baked meringues and a ruby chocolate swirl. The exciting pink swirl is made with Callebaut’s revolutionary Ruby Chocolate, the fourth variant of chocolate after dark, milk and white, released in 2017. A must try for chocolate lovers, the unique chocolate is characteristically pink in colour and has a fresh and fruity berry flavour unlike any other chocolate.

This extra special flavour is available in all 46 stores across Australia throughout the month of February while stocks last.

Information supplied by The Cru Media


Warming up the Greek way! | Greek Club unveils new Winter Menu

We are 12 days into Winter and I can’t stop shoving my face with food! I am sure you can all relate? The weather is a lot cooler, and I am not going to stay warm with a scrawny, figure. Time to get some meat on my bones, or at least that’s what everyone’s YiaYia’s would be telling them.

If you are going to feast, may as well do it the right way with flavoursome, hearty meals. The Greek Club has just dropped their new Winter menu (Opa!) and yes, of course we were there to try it out. They have kept some of the old classic favourites with the addition of some new items that will warm your insides.

New dishes include:

  • SPETZOFAI ME LOUKANIKA – Baked traditional Greek pork sausage served with eggplant, peppers, capsicum, zucchini and garlic in tomato salsa topped with feta cheese. A hearty meal for winter.
  • REVITHIA ME HIRINO – Chickpeas with pork and vegetables oven baked with tomato salsa in a clay pot. A delicious Winter stew to warm you up.
  • SOUZOUKAKIA – Baked Greek beef meatballs in a red salsa served on a bed of potato mash. A warming dish served all year round.
  • GIGANTES PLAKI – Large white lima beans baked with onions, capsicum, tomato and herbs. A great option that is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Here’s a feast for your eyes:

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(That lamb though <3)    

View the menus here

The Greek Club is located at 29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane 4101.

*****Customers can now enjoy competitive on-site parking, with 3 hours complimentary with a valid meal receipt. 

All images supplied by Brisbane Food Lovers photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Information provided by Glow Bored Media

Narrated by: Aliyah Ravat


A heart warming post of appreciation | Organic Happy Kitchen

I know there’s a lot of posts that I have put up on here which are filled with colourful language, they promote partying and all things unhealthy; This post however, comes from a place that is deep within my heart and I know that there are so many other people who will be able to relate to this. Only a few months ago, I was told that I need to change my diet entirely as I had affected my heath in the worst way possible from guzzling everything that came into view. Since, I have stayed pretty low key (which is why you you have all seen Lewis and Chris attend most of our bookings), and have avoided most food places as I can’t eat any of the things I used to love eating.

When Happy Organic Kitchen sent us an invite, I naturally assigned it to Lewis, “I am not going to be able to eat anything anyway”, I told myself. Lewis took his lovely girlfriend Krystle along with him; She has very similar intolerance’s to myself and reading her thoughts on the venue created a stir within my heart. I have embedded the thread from her Instagram post below:

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a pie. I eat very clean and most pies are basically full of nasties ?(to put it nicely), even vegan and gluten free ones ? Today was SUCH a treat for me! @lewislovestoeat ? + I went and saw the lovely Sammy and Laurent from @organichappykitchen for breakfast at @northeystorganicmarket ? Vibrant and gracious chef Laurent (having worked no less than 25 years in restaurants and hotels ?), decided to dial in people’s smiles by delighting them with organic food ? The stall has been at Northey Street about a year now and each time I’ve had the chance to visit the markets since, they’ve had a considerable lineup (600+ pies sold just this WEEK). It really never crossed my mind that they would have something for me, but Laurent certainly took care of us! I was spoiled with a lovingly made vegetable pie that was completely organic, vegan, and gluten-free! ? The crust, made simply from chickpea flour, olive oil, salt and water (by means of a quite involved process, as I was to understand) was perfectly crumbly, but moist, and the veggie-medley filling was fresh, wholesome and tender. Nothing greasy, no cheap or questionable ingredients ✔ Laurent related to me that he gets real joy from delighting people with his food, especially those who are gluten-free, and was determined to make gluten-free options that were special and of a high quality ? @organichappykitchen have over 50 different pies on offer, many gluten-free options (plus sausage rolls and coming soon – pizza ?), also offer seriously delicious organic homemade tomato sauces, and do online orders you can get delivered or pick up direct from the stall. It sounds dramatic, but I truly didn’t think I’d really eat a pie again, knowing how terribly overprocessed so many can be, so this was both a heart and tummy-warming treat. Simple things can really make one happy ? Thank you so much, guys ?

A post shared by Krystle Marie (@krystlemarie_6) on

The last paragraph of her post is enough to make you break down in tears (I’m sure a lot of vegans can relate). “I truly didn’t think I’d really eat a pie again”, I know exactly what she means because I felt that way, hence my disappearance from the social scene. It is so good to see Laurent and Sammy from Organic Happy Kitchen, change people’s lives through food. You have given me faith again, that food businesses can create a nourishing menu and still remain profitable. The love that you both have put into your venture is evident in the final product and it is absolutely beautiful. If anything, it is a huge honour having you guys right here in Brisbane.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with their story, Laurent spent over 30 years working in Michelin starred French Restaurants and Hotels. Now you will find him serving up organic pies and omelettes in a true labour of love. They create delicious, organic foods, using seasonal products for clients with various dietary requirements. With over 50 different pies to choose from, they have something for everyone and you have my guarantee that they will be worth every dollar.

View their menu here 

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Imagery by Brisbane Food Lovers Photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Written by: Aliyah Ravat




A dangerously good menu | Burger Urge

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Yes, I did that on purpose. Pictures tell a story that words cannot express; And I am sure you scrolled through that slideshow, your eyes lit up, your heart sang, you found something you wanted to try. One could say it was love, a love affair with food. For me, Burger Urge did just that. They made my heart sing with their dangerously good, new menu. I wasn’t even there but I saw the pictures come through that night, “I need to pop by and try it”, I told myself. And I did just that.

Alongside old classics like the New Yorker, and their Thick Cut Fries, Burger Urge has added some seriously scrumptious dishes that need to be mentioned (Yes, they need to be). Let’s take a minute to recognise the mother of all goodness, The Big Momma’s Kentucky Fried Waffle; House made buttermilk chicken (Just the way momma made it), crispy maple bacon, melted American style cheddar, pickles, sriracha mayo & lettuce all served up some seriously tasty Belgian Waffles made by Big Momma herself. Sounds good huh? To me it sounds like happiness on a Sunday.

If the whole chicken and waffle remix isn’t your thing (Mind you, I have heard of a lot of people who cringe at the idea of having a sweet and savoury dish combined), there’s always the Boston Cheese. This American inspired burger still boasts Aussie goodness, made with prime ground Australian beef, with melted American style cheddar, pickles, Burger Urge special sauce, aioli and salad. It’s a bit more low key, but still packs a punch when it comes to flavour. Oh, yeah and before I forget, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Burger Urge for changing their buns in the American Style range to a glazed milk bun. It seriously makes a world of a difference having the sweetness of a milk bun contrast with good quality protein.

If you are a person with intolerance’s like myself, do not fear, they have something for you too. Burger Urge DOES have the option of a gluten free bun they are happy to omit certain ingredients to make for a vegan burger. All you have to do is ask, and they will be happy to cater to your needs.

<3 Vegetarian

<3 Vegan

<3 Gluten Free

Invitation by P4 Group 

Photography by Brisbane Food Lovers Photographer, Lewis Lotherington 

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Warming up the German way | Bavarian Bier Café drops their new Autumn menu

A beer in hand and a belly full of food; There’s no better way to bring on the cooler months. Bavarian Bier Cafe (Eagle Street) has just dropped their new Autumn menu and of course we got the full coverage for you. The menu has kept some old favourites along with a new range of high quality meats, perfect for the cooler weather as well as a fresh line up of local and imported beers.

I would usually start a write up in order of the meals served (entree’s and then mains) but in this instance I am going to get right into it. The new menu boasts coffee spice-rubbed ribs with sweet BBQ sauce, Byron Bay Berkshire pork cutlet, and Great Southern Tasmanian lamb rump. From the Grainge Black Angus beef portfolio comes spice rubbed, aged beef rib sirloin, and ‘butcher’s cut’ minute steak that can be purchased per 100g. New additions work alongside classics like the crackling pork belly and crispy pork knuckle. Being the old souls that we are, we could not give up the opportunity to consume that glorious Pork Knuckle. Served with Creamy Mash, Sauerkraut, Bier Jus and Apple Compote the whopper of a dish will only set you back $35 (and let’s be real, you will probably be full for a week after).

(The pork knuckle in all its glory)

As the second main, we tried something from the new menu. It would have been rude to not order a steak especially when it’s a 350g Spiced Rubbed Aged Beef Rib Sirloin (with an MSA 3+ Grading). Served with fries, this bad boy would set you back a mere $32. I think that is extremely reasonable for a good piece of meat.

Here are a few highlights from the beer menu:

A new range of seasonal, small-batch brews by Urban Craft Brewing Co created through collaborations with smaller brewing companies throughout Australia. To pair with the  wagyu chilli beef sausages, and BBQ ribs, there’s the Imperial IPA on tap. A wheat-beer to pair with the pork cutlet will be released in Mid-May (Firecracker Blonde); Whilst July will see the arrival of  Red Bock, a full flavoured Winter warmer that pairs perfectly with knuckle.

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View the full menu here.

Information supplied by: Rock Pool Dining Group

Images by Brisbane Food Lovers Photographer, Lewis Lotherington.

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Noosa Boathouse | Noosa Food & Wine Festival

Venue: Noosa Boathouse

Chef: Shane Bailey

Events @ Food & Wine Festival

  • Spend the afternoon taking in the beautiful views of the Noosa River whilst learning the tricks of Adriano Zumbo’s creations. The intimate affair will be held on Sunday the 21st of May at 2:30 pm. Cost: $195 book  online.
  • For feast of reef and beef, join chefs Nick Holloway (Nu Nu, Palm Cove) and Sunny Gilbert (Austin’s,Mount Erica Hotel, Melbourne) as they team up with chef Shane Bailey at the Noosa Boathouse for the ultimate three-course Beef and Reef lunch with matching Dal Zotto wines. Friday 19 May, noon, $145, book online.

If you followed our insta-story coverage, you would know that our visit to the Noosa Boathouse was the last booking on our itinerary. I was kind of stalling time to share it with you all as I am a firm believer in saving the best for last. Our experience at the waterfront dining hub was extraordinary. The atmosphere is relaxed yet still sophisticated and plays the perfect host for all wonders that the Noosa River has to offer.

We opted for a shared feast to try out different aspects of the menu.

To start off with we had a Charcuterie Plate with cured and smoked meats, olives and grilled bread. An absolute stand out on this board was the inferno paste. It was hot, but the good kind of hot. It made my mouth sing with flavours on its’ own, yet when paired with olives it brought out and entirely new flavour that alike was intriguing. Even if you aren’t a chilli fan, that paste will change your mind.

For entree we started off with the Cedar St Buffalo Mozzarella with watermelon, wagyu bresaola and local figs. My absolute favourite dish of the entire evening; It left me with a whole new way of looking at the marriage between watermelon and cheese; It works a damn treat. There were slight underlying flavours of pepper on the watermelon which were subtle yet bold at the same time. The elements to the dish were extremely simple, yet when combined were very effective.

Baked Wild Caught Scallops was the second dish we tried out. It had sea urchin butter as well as sweet, sour apples. The scallops were buttery, cooked to perfection and worked well with the crunch and sweetness from the apple. The freshness of the produce was quite evident in this dish.

Our mains were an absolute treat. The Slow Cooked Beef Cheek in every way paid tribute to the produce used. The meat broke down into a tender mash with the touch of a butter knife. It made my heart sing with joy. Paired with a fresh tamarind dressing and paw paw salad, the dish was light, flavoursome, full of varied textures and wholesome all at the same time. There was absolutely nothing I could fault about the plate that was put in front of me. A true labour of love.

At this point, we were extremely full but still went on to try out the Grilled Fish which was served on a bed of spiced Mediterranean vegetable pearl cous cous and house made yoghurt. The flavours held within the cous cous were bold yet complimented the freshness of the fish.

To end off the evening, we were treated to a Beetroot and Chocolate Brownie with salted caramel ice-cream. The combination of beetroot and chocolate in a single brownie makes for a perfect match. The brownie was moist on the inside but rich and decadent. The salt from the ice cream balanced out the sweetness from the chocolate and cooled the palate at the same time.

It was an honour trying out the menu at the Boathouse, a showcase of remarkable local produce. I would also like to make mention of the team at Noosa Boathouse, they made us feel extremely welcome, and took the time to explain the menu to us even though the venue was packed with diners. A wonderful experience all round.

Organised by: Tourism Noosa

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Fresh Natural Asian | Noosa Food & Wine Festival

Venue: Fresh Natural Asian

Chef: Rida Dael

Events @ Food & Wine Festival :

  • Six courses served with your choice of beer or wine from Rogue Wines on Saturday 20 May, 2pm, $70, book online.

Noosa’s newcomer, Fresh Natural Asian, took us by surprise. The venue has been open for a short 4 months but the tastes and flavours that came out of that kitchen well surpassed places who have been open for decades. Fresh Natural, as its’ name states, only uses the best of ingredients; Even a single dish on the menu is evident of this. There is no use of deep fryers or microwaves. Essentially, it’s the closest you will get to natural, delicious food that’s good for you. The menu is entirely gluten free and stems from varied destinations in Asia namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s not your ordinary Asian take out wish dim-sims, let me assure you of that.

To start off with, we got to try the Satay Madura, a Malaysian dish of chicken skewers with peanut sauce. The chicken was fresh and perfectly succulent, and the peanut sauce was freshly made. You could taste every bit of flavour through the dish making it a memorable experience. The skewers are apart of the lunch special on offer at the venue, priced at $9.50.

The next dish that we tried was Otak-Otak, and Indonesian dish that I have never actually heard of (and I live in Sunnybank). The beauty of Fresh Natural, is that it takes you ona journey through Asia, but it truly is a journey that you have not taken before. The Indonesian dish is made up of steamed, minced fish in a banana leaf with peanut sauce. I absolutely loved it, it was unlike anything that I have ever tasted before.

To further our trip to Asia, we then paid a visit to Thailand with a Miang Kham dish. This dish was absolutely spectacular. Simplicity at it’s finest. Instead of glute wraps, betal leafs are used with an array of accompliments that together create a delicious feast. There were hints of peanut sauce, garlic, chilli, ginger, lemon and the addition of chicken. In fact from my entire tasting at Noosa, this would have been my favourite dish and yet it was so simple.

And then came the side that completed my life. We stayed in Thailand with the Papaya Hijau, a green papaya salad. I have been searching for a salad like this for years in Brisbane and nothing has come close. I ended being a bit selfish and finishing off the dish by myself (soz, not soz).

By next Noosa Food & Wine Festival, I can so see this venue being the next ‘it’ place. It ticks all the boxes, local produce, that takes you on a journey yet at the same time, offers the healthiest of options. You have my recommendation. P.S, Brisbane needs a place like this.

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<3 Gluten Free

<3 Dairy Free

<3 Refined Sugar Free

Organised by: Visit Noosa

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Gelato Messina opens in Brisbane

Name’s Aliyah and I’m delayed AF. But rather late than never right? So, Gelato Messina has finally arrived in Brisbane, Yipee! Ya’ll alreay knew that though, cos I am about 4 weeks late with this post (soz, been napping). Given that I had known this was going to open a year  before it actually opened, one would think, I would have planned my posts a bit more efficiently. I’m sorry, I really am (not).

Enough waffling, Australia’s best Gelato shop now calls South Brisbane Precinct home. Located below the Melbourne Residences, Messina is only a stones throw away from the Cultural Centre and South Bank Dining Precinct. I am so damn glad that they have finally opened up here, no more driving all the way to Coolangatta for a scoop of coconut & lychee goodness.

*warning – Images look sexual AF

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Find them at : 109 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Images supplied by Brisbane Food Lovers photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Written by: Aliyah Ravat



Channel Nine’s Family Food Fight | Applications Close 12th May

Does your family have what it takes to spice things up in the kitchen? To you, food is a family affair; Creating delicious food comes naturally to you, It run’s in your blood.

Channel Nine is playing host to their newest TV show, Family Food Fight and they are looking for people just like you!

What They Are Looking For: 

  • Family of 4 ( Varied dynamic: Mum, Dad, Son & Daughter, 4 Sisters, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Auntie, Twins and their partners, ie related and have a passion for food).
  • 1-2 of the people in each family that are seriously strong and creative cooks with a broad range of knowledge for other cuisines outside of their cultural background.
  • Open to people who have experience working with food, be it in Restaurant, Kitchens, Cafes, food stalls etc.. They just CANNOT be qualified Chefs or professionally trained.

What Is It: 

  • It is a competition against other families and they will be competing for a large cash prize as well as the title of Australia’s greatest Food Family
  • Filming will take place from around July to Aug
  • Filming will take 7 weeks
  • Each person within the family will be compensated with a fee while they are participating in filming
  • Filming will take place in Melbourne – all flights and accommodation are paid for by production

Casting process ends Friday the 12th of May.

Application for can be found here 


Les Bubbles Introduces Their New Bar Menu

Ola! Some news for ya’ll. Underground bar, the Bath House at Les Bubbles  has launched their new menu. Aligned with their Parisian theme, the menu features select French favourites including whole-baked Camembert as well as a charcuterie board  for those amongst us who like to share (not me).

**The images you are about to see may cause a state of hangry-ness

Information Supplied By: Doughnut Time Group Marketing

Narrated by: Aliyah Ravat (who should have never decided to write this whilst hungry)