Gelato Messina opens in Brisbane

Name’s Aliyah and I’m delayed AF. But rather late than never right? So, Gelato Messina has finally arrived in Brisbane, Yipee! Ya’ll alreay knew that though, cos I am about 4 weeks late with this post (soz, been napping). Given that I had known this was going to open a year ┬ábefore it actually opened, one would think, I would have planned my posts a bit more efficiently. I’m sorry, I really am (not).

Enough waffling, Australia’s best Gelato shop now calls South Brisbane Precinct home. Located below the Melbourne Residences, Messina is only a stones throw away from the Cultural Centre and South Bank Dining Precinct. I am so damn glad that they have finally opened up here, no more driving all the way to Coolangatta for a scoop of coconut & lychee goodness.

*warning – Images look sexual AF

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Find them at : 109 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Images supplied by Brisbane Food Lovers photographer, Lewis Lotherington

Written by: Aliyah Ravat