Vintaged Bar and Grill

Location: Brisbane CBD
Meal: Dinner
Overall Experience: 10/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 10/10

I was privileged to be invited to taste the special November menu at the Vintaged Bar and Grill. This restaurant is a slice of heaven tucked away on Level 6 of the luxurious Hilton Brisbane.

Each month, the hotel’s restaurants feature a different ingredient and serve unique, delicious dishes featuring such ingredients for that month only. In the spirit of summer, November’s featured ingredient is prawns.

This menu features prawns in both traditional ways and like you’ve never seen them before.

To nibble on while you peruse the menu, enjoy spiced school prawns, squid tentacles and silverfish. These were a great little snack and were so moreish!


These giant tempura prawns made for a delicious starter!


The main put a much fancier spin on the much-loved reef and beef combo – grilled tiger prawns, and beef fillet wrapped in pancetta. Now this is where it gets interesting…the noodles that topped the beef are also made of prawn, minced down and then made into noodles. Cool, right? This whole dish was just yum…juicy delicious prawns and beef cooked to perfection.


I was feeling pretty full after these two, but if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that there’s always room for dessert. This is a roasted white chocolate bar and everything about it is divine.

Spot the prawn in this dish! I’ll admit it’s a little hard to see in this photo, so I’ll tell you. The decoration on the ice-cream scoop is a prawn wafer…but unlike the description suggests, it doesn’t taste fishy at all, but rather, it has a sweet taste and aroma.


I could eat this dessert again…and again…

Overall, this was such an impressive menu. Chef Hueman Lam is very talented and passionate about creating exquisite food. The restaurant has luxurious and relaxing vibes, and the open kitchen always makes for great entertainment!

Treat yourself this month at the Vintaged Bar and Grill before it’s too late!