Il Verde Opening | King Street

Word on the block is that King Street is the new ‘IT’ place to be! I can confirm that may be correct. Month by month, new venues seem to be popping up at the Bowen Hills location, this week, Il Verde officially opened their doors. The family owned, Italian (as if the name didn’t give it away) business is perfect for weekday corporate lunches or weekend casual dining. The menu offers traditional dishes with a slight twist boasting sustainably sourced, seasonal produce.

The 90 seat venue, offers diners a full 360 view of the chefs at work, adding an element of entertainment towards their dining experience.

We sent our photographer, Emotive Light to their grand opening to capture a few shots of the mouth watering food that will be on offer.



View their full menu below:

ilverde ilverde-2il-verde

Media Information supplied by: Liquidity Marketing

Photography: Emotive Light Photo

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Vapiano | Summer Menu

Location: Garden City, Mt Gravatt

Meal: Lunch/ Dinner

Cost: $5.90 – $35

Overall Experience: 8/10

Food: 8/10


Vapiano Australia has a new Summer Menu that is set to sizzle. With spicy chorizo and strawberry lime cocktails, Summer has never looked better. Vapiano is no stranger to regular foodies; home of the humble pasta, so I won’t spend too much time introducing them. Let’s get right into it.. Additions to the menu include:


Salad, and Summer work together almost as perfectly as Kimmy & Kanye. And then adding balsamic dressing to the mix, introducing a life on fleek (okay, enough rapping from me, I will stop now). My point is, the salad was amazing, fresh and healthy.


Served with penne pasta (freshly made of course), the dish has a multitude of flavours; with the chorizo working a treat paired with tarragon. The idea of using chorizo in summer blows my mind in so many ways.


So by now, everyone would know that I love food! This pizza was a clear example of how emotional food makes me. I ate one by myself, oh yes I did. I loved the BBQ chicken paired with chorizo. Did you know, pizza is one of the few dishes which has all your carbs, protein and dairy all in one slice of goodness.



Nutella and cheescake, need I say more? Alright, I do have a bit of feedback on this one. I felt that the dessert needed a bit more crunch to it. A layer of extra biscuit would perfectly compliment the bitter cheesecake flavour. These little gems are priced at $5.90 (cheap as chips, well almost) or pay an extra $3 to take the jar away for a romantic date with bae. DSCN2161

Now for the most important part of the review, drinks. And no, I am not an alcoholic.


No review needed! Just go and try it k…..bye


View their full menu here 

Aliyah xx