Les Bubbles Introduces Their New Bar Menu

Ola! Some news for ya’ll. Underground bar, the Bath House at Les Bubbles  has launched their new menu. Aligned with their Parisian theme, the menu features select French favourites including whole-baked Camembert as well as a charcuterie board  for those amongst us who like to share (not me).

**The images you are about to see may cause a state of hangry-ness

Information Supplied By: Doughnut Time Group Marketing

Narrated by: Aliyah Ravat (who should have never decided to write this whilst hungry)


Brisbane Food Lovers | Our top dishes of 2015

2015, what a year! From the Doughnut craze to obese burgers, the Brisbane Food scene has evolved leaps and bounds over the year. Here is a recap of our favourite dishes in 2015 (in no particular order).

The name says it all, a doughnut filled with an excess of Nutella. It was love at first bite. I literally have a solid relationship going with these doughnuts; most memorable moment of this romance was shamelessly sitting outside Doughnut Time one afternoon eating a six pack by myself.

This has been our go-to burger through out 2015. Between the two of us, we have probably ordered over 50 of these (that’s alot of pulled pork). Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo.

  • Mighty Mighty – Sriracha Honey & Garlic, Toasted Ground Rice ($12)

The dish that I have consumed the most of in 2015. These wings are heaven. Crispy chicken wings with hot sriracha. Yes, they burn your mouth, but they are so damn good! I eat them once a week; the spice in my life.

We have tried out a few variations of Jalapeno Poppers in Brisbane and Mighty Mighty is still our favourite.

2015 was the year I discovered the wonderful pairing of feta and chips, served with perfection by the Yiros Shop.

Traditional Yiros right here in Brisbane. A fresh pita with juicy pork, tomato, red onion, tzatziki, and chips (the added chips topped it off for me). Ask for their special sauce too, it takes the humble yiros to a whole new level.

Grilled Hervey Bay scallops dressed with Spring citrus & chilli. Every bite of these was heaven. The scallops melted in my mouth and worked a treat with the hit of chilli, perfectly cut through by citrus.

If I were stranded on an Island, and had a choice of food to live off, Ze Chips would be source of sustenance . Ipa beer cheeze sauce, maple smoked bacon & zp sauce on crispy fries. These are unlike anything I have had before. Definitely not your ordinary serving of fries.

The best $5 we have ever spent. These complete life. Crispy, sweet potato fries with added cinnamon.

One of the best burgers I have had this year. Marinated thin sliced beef, with mesclun, Spanish onion, tomato, cheese, soy sauce and bean paste mayo all on a brioche bun (They also have the best brioche buns in Brisbane).

  • Piefection – Jack Daniels & BBQ Pork Pie ($6.50)

The pie to order from the king of pies (Matt Roman). Everything I ever dreamed of in a humble pie; Oh, and a rib on the top. What more could a gal ask for?

$4 is a small price to pay for happiness if you ask me. 2015 was the year we officially labelled I Heart Brownies the best in Brisbane. No regrets there. That gooey centered goodness though.

  • Sin Vida – Guacamole & Corn Chips ($11)

Okay so I know guac and corn chips aren’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of an outstanding dish! But seriously, those corn chips are the bomb! Yes, I just said that. The flavouring they add to them is amazing. Would recommend with cocktails.

This is for all Vegans out there. The best eggplant dish I have ever had; flavoursome and buttery. If a carnivore like myself, could salivate over this dish, then you know it was amazing.

Vanilla cake, coconut ice cream, mango sorbet & Italian meringue all in one grand dessert. Not only does it look amazing, it tastes just as good. I would recommend sharing it between 2 people though.

They do one dish, and they do it so damn well! Their steak is perfection; every bite melted in my mouth. And bottomless fries are always a good choice, always.

Them balls though mmm. Greek hazelnut chocolate drizzle doughnuts with crushed walnuts. The doughnuts are light and fluffy and the chocolate is creamy, enough said.

Red curry of shredded BBQ duck with lychee and Thai basil. Not only was this the best curry I have had in 2015, it was the best curry I have had period… Filled with fragrant flavours, and crunchy pieces of duck skin, there was nothing to fault.

It’s not a combination that you see everyday, but it works. One of those unexpected dishes which wowed us.

Author: Aliyah Ravat


Brisbane’s Best Steak House | Les Bubbles

Location: 144 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Meal: Dinner

Food: 10/10

The wait is finally over and Les Bubbles is officially open for business. Owner, Damian Griffiths has had much success with the rest of his ventures (Alfred & Constance, Kwan Brothers, Doughnut Time, Chester Street Bakery) and I can see Les Bubbles heading in the same track. Opened in what was an old an old brothel, the iconic building has helped set the atmosphere for the Parisian inspired steak house.


They offer one main meal on the menu, Steak Frites, the national French dish. This one dish, is cooked to absolute perfection, so much so that I have been dreaming about their mouth watering steak all week. I would claim this to be Brisbane’s best steak. They also offer bottomless frites with every dish, definitely a winner. The steak comes with the option of three sauces, Sauce Cafe De Paris, Bearnaise Sauce or Green Peppercorn & Cognac Sauce. I opted for the Bearnaise which was rich and wholesome.


There are also 8 signature desserts on offer, priced at around $16. I will admit, the dessert servings are very generous, so I would opt to share one between two people. I chose the Bombe Alaska which was perfection on a plate. Vanilla Cake with Coconut Ice-cream, Mango Sorbet and Italian Meringue, what more could a girl ask for.


If you haven’t already tried out the controversial steak house, I would suggest making a booking ASAP! They are open 7 days a week from 5 pm.