Avocado On Toast | Brisbane’s top 5

Avocado on toast is a personal favourite. Light and refreshing but substantial enough to keep you full. I have gone  out in search for 5 of the best avo on toast offerings in Brisbane.

Buzz Bistro Emporium 

buzzPicture perfect avocado on toast from Buzz Bistro, served with feta. The toast was perfect, yes, for me this is a big thing! There is nothing worst than having hard toast you cannot cut through. Buzz delivered a lightly toasted bread with perfectly soft avo that worked really well with the combination of herb marinated feta.  Simple but delicious.

Laruche Kiosk at My Bakery Lane 

bakery_laneThis flavoursome avo on toast left me in awe. Perfectly soft avocado with feta and hints of spice, ah the perfect breakfast on a Winter morning. The only thing that let down this amazing breakfast was the terrible service.

Little Sista Cafe

littlesista1Of course, our favourite breakfast spot would make it onto this list. Served with almonds and chilli jam this one is a definite winner.

Sol Breads

sol_breadsHealthy and delicious. This breakfast was amazing combined with haloumi which I absolutely love. Once again, the toast was easy to cut through and the avocado was well seasoned. The serving portions at Sol Bread are very generous.

Little Clive Cafe


Little Clive presented me with a spectacular plate Avo on toast; brought to life with the flavours of dukkah and chilli! Yum!