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Brisbane City Markets are back on!!!

This coming Wednesday, the 6th of February, is the long-awaited Grand Opening of the all-new Brisbane City Markets!

The markets are under new management and have been revamped and refreshed with ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle options,  all while focusing on the incredibly skilled vendors that South East Queensland has to offer.

Combining the convenience of inner city living and the incredible lifestyle of market shopping with all the unique finds you can’t get at the big supermarket chains all in one great location at Reddacliffe Place, in the heart of the CBD, every single Wednesday.

The all-new Brisbane City Markets will give people that live, work and study in the city the best place to find farm fresh and locally sourced organic produce, with ease. 

The Stores | West End

Location : Montague Road, West End


Heaven is probably the best way to describe The Stores. With a room filled entirely with local cheeses (my idea of heaven) and an array of cured meats and wines, The Stores has something for everyone. It is a one stop location,show casing some of Queensland’s best produce.

I was particularly impressed with the muesli and healthy snacks on offer, consuming the space of an entire room. If you are considering taking up clean eating or if you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would recommend popping by and checking out their snacks and muesli as it the best and broadest selection I have ever seen.

To paint a picture in your mind, The Stores can almost be compared to the James Street Markets (built by the same developers) except their is a level of wow factor to the layout and products on offer. I would recommend heading over and checking it out for yourself.

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