Ribs & Burgers | Rib Degustation

Location: Ribs & Burgers, James Street, Fortitude Valley

Meal: Lunch, Dinner

Ribs & Burgers are a brand that pride themselves on quality, tasty, honest and wholesome food to their customers. I was lucky enough to head along to their Fortitude Valley store to experience an almighty feast – a rib degustation!

The night was kicked off with Beef ribs – the ribs were cooked perfectly, the meat was tender could be pulled off the bone easily and the smokey flavour left my tastebuds eager for more.


My favourite ribs of the night were the lamb, there were two lots – in a chilli marinade and a lemon marinade. These ribs are cooked to perfection over 8 hours. The chilli gave the meat a nice kick but if spice isn’t your thing the lemon marinade was equally as delightful.

ribs7 ribs6

After pigging out on the above I was pretty full – but I am not a quitter! Trying the pork ribs, baby back ribs, and riblets was a must. I loved every dish that I tried – Ribs & Burgers are definitely strong contenders for the best ribs in the city!

ribs1 ribs2



Ribs & Burgers aren’t just all about the meat – they offer a number of refreshing side salads. My favourite was the red and white cabbage salad with chopped apples and roasting pine nuts – amazing!


The staff at Ribs & Burgers are passionate about what they do and this shows in the dishes that they serve and the service they provide. I look forward to going back and trying out some  of the other dishes on offer.

Written by Charlotte Perrigo



Valentines Day | Couples that eat ribs together stay together | Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

Location: James Street, Fortitude Valley (Outside Palace Cinemas)

Date: Sunday 14th February

You know it’s true love when you are comfortable enough to sink your teeth into juicy sauce covered rack of ribs in front of each other. The messiness, that satisfying look on your face (That orgasmic look)…ah it must be love.

Ribs & Burgers has put together a list of Rib realities for all of you. Eat ya hearts out:

  1. The Couple That Eats Ribs Together, Stays Together – eating ribs together is the true test of a relationship! If you can get through a plate and look up at your partner, covered in sauce and meat bits and still have love in your eyes (and theirs), it’s a match made in culinary heaven!


  1. Hot Chili Lamb Ribs – this takes a classic Aussie flavour and smashes it with chili and is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice for the daredevil couple, or the couple that does Cross Fit together.


  1. Pork Baby Rack is not the name of a new female rapper from East LA; it’s a much loved offering at Ribs & Burgers, and is the preferred option by those in “new” relationships (read: minimal sauce face coverage!).


  1. Lamb Ribs – these are for Valentine’s Day couples who are still celebrating Australia Day, and just can’t put the Aussie Flag on their car dashboard away just yet!


  1. Pork Spare Ribs with sticky soy chili peanut – the ribs for the couple with FOMO. This dish has everything, and deserves to be Instagrammed, Tweeted and even put up on Tumblr!!


  1. BBQ Beef Ribs – the rib feast for couples who have kids; they have seen their fair share of mess and gore, and are not afraid to attack the BBQ Beef Rib with ferocity. For this couple, dining at Ribs & Burgers on Valentine’s Day is an excuse to eat uninterrupted, and without having to clean up the mess. Even on their own faces (over 1000 towelettes are used to mop up the glaze sauce covering fingers and faces daily at Ribs & Burgers, and the staff are happy to wipe faces if needs be!).


  1. While Shared Plates are de rigueur today for any dining establishment, ribs actually kick-started the ‘trend’ way back, oh about 35,000 years ago when a loved-up, cave-dwelling couple dined together. Ribs & Burgers is simply carrying on the tradition, albeit in a more organised, hygienic and flavour-filled manner.


Written by: Kath Rose & Associates 

Curated by: Aliyah Ravat

Burrito Bar | Rosalie

Location: Rosalie

Meal: Dinner/ Lunch

Price: $2 to $50

Overall Experience: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Service: 8/10

The Burrito Bar has recently renovated their store in Rosalie Village. We have previously tried a few other stores, but were not impressed with the quality of food and service. So naturally at first, we were a bit hesitant to check out the  Rosalie Store. I must say, we were pleasantly surprised; the place looked amazing and they definitely redeemed themselves in our books.

Here are the options we tried out from the menu:


Delicious, 12 hour slow cooked pulled pork quesadillas with lots and lots of cheese. Melted cheese is always a good idea. The pulled pork was equally delicious and whole in flavour. This is definitely an option that I will be ordering in the future.



Okay so I am going to be 100% honest here. I have previously had the wings from Burrito Bar and was extremely disappointed (mind you I ordered the Chipotle ones). My previous experience delivered wings that were starved of meat and terrible chipotle flavouring. The Bbq Wings had a pleasant flavour and were definitely a step up, however, I did find that the actual wings themselves needed more meat on them.



I am a huge sucker for ribs, so naturally I was going to order them over a burrito or nachos. They were served up with delicious, cheesy Mexi Fries…yum! The flavour of the ribs was amazing and they were pleasant to eat. However, the meat was not as juicy as I would have liked it to be.



One of my favourite desserts of all time. Chocolatey nachos with a serving of ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. Need I say more? I love the crunchiness of this dessert, which left me wanting more.


New Menu Launch | The Plough Inn

Location: South Bank

Meal: Dinner

Cost: $7 – $70

Overall Experience : 10/10

Food: 10/10

Service : 10/10

If you are anything like me, you probably frequent the Plough Inn for drinks on  a Sunday, but have never quite got around to trying out their menu. Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing dishes, in fact we left the Plough, haven eaten so much, that we could not walk. Oh, and here is a random fact, they actually have 13 chefs in total.

To start off with, we tried their amazing Seafood Board for 2. I have been told, that some people eat this alone, but it  definitely isn’t something I would recommend (definitely not, if you are a 5ft female like myself). Every component on the board was pure bliss. Featuring, calamari (some of the best I have ever had), prawns, fish tacos & sliders. It is the perfect way to share your meal over a few drinks.


Every one knows that they do amazing, but have you tried them yet is the real question? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The picture might not do these bad boys much justice, but we consumed one of the most amazing racks of ribs we have ever had. I was so full, but I could not stop eating. If you haven’t tried these yet, I would recommend paying them a visit on a Monday or Tuesday as they offer this primal dish for a low $26. I love how they served this up with extra sauce on the side. There is no such thing as too much sauce (especially when it comes to ribs).


Saving the best till last, the Plough Inn has also launched their new Tank Beer, which is the first of its’ kind in Queensland. In simple terms, it is exposed to minimal oxygen until it hits the glass that you drink it from. It is smooth and crisp and best of all, it doesn’t give you a hangover (apparently).