Arigato Harajuku Gyoza!!

Location: South Bank Harajuku Gyoza 

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Cost: $8- $14


Arigato (Thank you) Harajuku Gyoza for all the goodness that you provide us with! They like fun and yum and so do we; nothing like a food party with gyoza and some Kirin beers. Even though they are famous for their gyoza (dumplings) Harajuku has a range of small dishes which are perfect for sharing amongst friends over a relaxed dinner; oh, and if you really like to party, why not throw out all the stops and add some sake to the mix.

We were invited to a special blogger preview at the Tokyo inspired restaurant and left with full bellies and smiles all round (The sake and Kirin might have had something to do with the endless smiles, but that’s a different story for another day).

Here are some of the options we got to try out:

EDAMAME ($4.20)


You know it is time to commence a Japanese feast when they roll out the edamame. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan and effing healthy as, the soy beans are health freaks dream; for me personally, being the fatty that I am, edamame is not my fave but nonetheless it is quite interesting watching rookies trying to eat the bean (guilty); always remember, bite and then spit out ya edamame.



Harumaki is definitely not a word that I will remember off the top of my head, but simplified it is a chilli filled with cheese, encased in a spring roll wrap and deep fried. Essentially the Japanese version of a Jalapeno Popper, and ya’ll know how much I love those right. Not going to lie, it was my daily dose of obeseness but seriously where the protein at? It’s probably not traditional, but i think harumaki would work alot better with a salty meat component to it. This option is a special on the Harajuku menu and will be served up once a month.



Once again, this option is a special item that is offered once a month, but damn, it is amazeballs! Crunchy croquettes with oozy goodness in the middle (mashed potato and cram cream). I think they should seriously consider adding this dish to the regular menu. 10/10 would recommend.



Chicken Gyoza poached and served in a Chicken soup flavoured with Yuzukosho. “Yuzukosho” is a spice paste with yuzu zest, green chilli and salt. I would recommend adding extra chilli and soy sauce to the soup for extra taste, if you like some additional oomph (gimme all the extra spice). Leading up to Winter, this will be a great starter to choose.



We have reviewed this dish in a previous post (off the regular menu), and imma stick with my original story; this jiggly pork goodness is life. It’s the one fatty pork dish that I actually love; however I have noticed a change in the consistency of their sauce, previously a caramelized gaze, it was now almost a broth. I do prefer the stickyness. But seriously though, $13 for 4 little pieces of pork, hmmm I could probably feed a family in Africa for that price.



This dish knows how to speak my language and is to date one of the very few veg dishes I will order off a menu. That crispy outer tempura with buttery eggplant and that sauce, hot dang! Gimme more please!



The name of this Japanese Lager reminds me of a kids drink, but hell it’s legit! With a pear aroma and a muted taste, it’s officially my second favourite Japanese beer (after Kirin of course). Oh yeah, and it’s brewed right here in our back yard (Nundah; well not my back yard, but it could be yours), and is exclusive to Harajuku Gyoza.

*No sake was consumed whilst writing this post, I swear!

Written by: Aliyah Ravat



Sake Tasting Event | Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Bird’s Nest will play host to one of the country’s sake experts Rey Takahashi in an exclusive Sake Tasting Event.
Date: 3rd March
Cost: $49pp
More Information here.
Book here.
Brisbane Food Lovers sent along Myke Moudakis  as a guest blogger to try out the $49 feast.
The review for the 7 sets are below:
1. The sake with green tea was refreshing and light. Crispy lotus root was a beautiful combination.
2. The second sake was still delicious, a little bit stronger, more of a commercial sake taste. The chicken tenderloin was perfectly cooked, sauce was sweet.
3. Ota was super strong and not to my liking, however I feel as though this is traditional sake. The ox tongue… Lets be real. I felt like I was chewing on my own tongue. Ew.
4. The Mahoto again, killed me. I was about to swing from the chandelier. Crispy soft shell crab was done really nicely, not too crispy, not too oily.
5. Tamazakura was a warm sake. Needless to say I was not feeling it. They actually brought out this sake with the ox tongue but got them all mixed up… which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole menu layout. The scallops were one of my favourite dishes of the night. Grilled to perfection and melted away in my mouth. Bacon was crispy but not overpowering.
6. Daichi did have a nice aroma, the taste was less strong, more of a sweeter taste. The server said it was more of a pear taste but I was not picking up on any fruity notes. It was a nice sake that kind of mellowed out the previous sake selections.
7. The Chikusen Plum Wine was my second favourite sake, after the Chuhai. The duck breast with shallots were nicely cooked and slid perfectly off the stick. #BrowniePoints There’s nothing worse than tugging at meat on a stick.
So overall it was a great experience definitely worth $50. The entire place has a great vibe and I’d definitely come back to try out their menu.
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Cherry Blossom Festival | Omakase Dinner | Sake Restaurant

Location: Sake Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier

Cost: $99

Meal: Dinner

Overall Experience: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Throughout the month of September, Sake Restaurant will be offering a Chef Daisuke’s Omakase Dinner. Priced at $99, this 6 course meal is only revealed as each course is served. The main event for the Omakase Dinner will be hosted on the 17th of September. Book all tickets here.

Some of the options on offer include:

Kingfish Jalapeno 

Thinly sliced kingfish in yuzu soy sauce with jalapenos and coriander. This dish is absolutely delicious, probably one of favourite dishes of all time.

sake 1

Darling Downs Wagyu Tartare 

Wagyu Tartare with fried egg puree, sweet potato chips and nori crips. One of the most memorable dishes I have ever had.

sake 2

Japanese Eggplant 

Eggplant served with niku chicken miso. This dish was pure heaven, Nothing beats creamy, buttery eggplant! Yum!


Salt & Pepper Bugtails 

sake 3

Grainfed Wagyu Teriyaki 

Medium rare wagyu served with sauteed shiitake, buckwheat and yakiniku sauce.


Overall for a dinner service priced at $99, the food was exceptional and of great value.