Burger Urge launches their new menu

It has been over 6 months in the making, Burger Urge has finally launched a new menu after 3 years. The grandfather of burgers has been around for over a decade and has since opened 15 stores nationwide. The team have come together to recreate an innovate menu aligned with the fast growing burger trends.They have partnered with Brisbane Chef, Mel Townsend (Vanilla Zulu) to adapt the ‘extreme’ menu.

We were lucky enough to try out their new offerings, and I will admit they were on impressive.


Cos everyone needs a sexy, scrumptious side b**tch, I would suggest going hard on these. Thick Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Chips, Onion Rings & their oh so delicious Buffalo Wings. Everyone knows their fries, sweet potato included are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! But their wings took me to heaven. I was pleasantly surprised by the intense flavours and did I mention they actually have meat on their wings. Nothing disappoints more than scrawny wings with nothing to bite on.

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Perfect for a hangover cure, I would recommend their greasy Chilli Cheeze Fries & Cheezy Chipotle Corn. The cheezyness though…. My insides are definitely well oiled after that! I love how they added in jalapenos and corn to the fries, technically makes it healthy with all those vegetables right..

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Moving on to the important part, the burgers of course.. I ordered the New Yorker which is personal favourite; can never go wrong with a burger that has maple bacon on it. Sandwiched together with prime ground Australian Beef, melted American style cheddar & hickory bbq sauce (would insert heart faced emoji If I could). That sauce though….The only negative comment I have is that the cheese was placed on top of the bacon rather than on the patty itself, but nonetheless it still tasted amazing. Also got in the Aussie spirit and ordered the Zorba (lamb) with haloumi, onion jam, basil pesto and to add to my daily fruit intake a piece of pineapple was included.

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Kelis ain’t got nothing on these guys, there milkshakes definitely bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. Included in the new menu is the Nutella Peanut Butter Shake & White Choc Strawberry Jam. Self explanatory if you ask me. Just try them alright.. Word of advice, if you are planning on eating all of the above, I would highly recommend playing some party tunes after and dancing the fatness off. Yes, I did that cos the menu made me happy.


View the full menu here 

Written by: Aliyah Ravat 



Valentines Day | Couples that eat ribs together stay together | Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

Location: James Street, Fortitude Valley (Outside Palace Cinemas)

Date: Sunday 14th February

You know it’s true love when you are comfortable enough to sink your teeth into juicy sauce covered rack of ribs in front of each other. The messiness, that satisfying look on your face (That orgasmic look)…ah it must be love.

Ribs & Burgers has put together a list of Rib realities for all of you. Eat ya hearts out:

  1. The Couple That Eats Ribs Together, Stays Together – eating ribs together is the true test of a relationship! If you can get through a plate and look up at your partner, covered in sauce and meat bits and still have love in your eyes (and theirs), it’s a match made in culinary heaven!


  1. Hot Chili Lamb Ribs – this takes a classic Aussie flavour and smashes it with chili and is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice for the daredevil couple, or the couple that does Cross Fit together.


  1. Pork Baby Rack is not the name of a new female rapper from East LA; it’s a much loved offering at Ribs & Burgers, and is the preferred option by those in “new” relationships (read: minimal sauce face coverage!).


  1. Lamb Ribs – these are for Valentine’s Day couples who are still celebrating Australia Day, and just can’t put the Aussie Flag on their car dashboard away just yet!


  1. Pork Spare Ribs with sticky soy chili peanut – the ribs for the couple with FOMO. This dish has everything, and deserves to be Instagrammed, Tweeted and even put up on Tumblr!!


  1. BBQ Beef Ribs – the rib feast for couples who have kids; they have seen their fair share of mess and gore, and are not afraid to attack the BBQ Beef Rib with ferocity. For this couple, dining at Ribs & Burgers on Valentine’s Day is an excuse to eat uninterrupted, and without having to clean up the mess. Even on their own faces (over 1000 towelettes are used to mop up the glaze sauce covering fingers and faces daily at Ribs & Burgers, and the staff are happy to wipe faces if needs be!).


  1. While Shared Plates are de rigueur today for any dining establishment, ribs actually kick-started the ‘trend’ way back, oh about 35,000 years ago when a loved-up, cave-dwelling couple dined together. Ribs & Burgers is simply carrying on the tradition, albeit in a more organised, hygienic and flavour-filled manner.


Written by: Kath Rose & Associates 

Curated by: Aliyah Ravat

Suburban Cafe | West End

Location: West End

Price: $9 – $22

Meal: Breakfast

Overall Experience: 9.5/10

Food: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Suburban Cafe in West End has launched their new mouth watering menu. They are located in the heart of West End, only a stones throw from the Cultural Centre Busway and South Brisbane Train Station. If you are looking for a new Sunday breakfast spot, I would add this one to the list. Oh and best of all, if you take a photo of your meal and use the hashtag ‘#suburbancafe’  you will go in the draw to win a $40 voucher (drawn monthly). They also offer a 10% student discount which I would encourage using.

So, here are are the items we selected off the menu:


Delicious, golden fried chicken with candied bacon and maple syrup, served up with waffles. I don’t even need to elaborate on this dish. If you are a lover of comfort food like myself, this is the option you will choose. The waffles were perfect, not too sweet, not too big, or small. I loved them. The candied bacon was my favourite element of the dish. I could eat it all day long. This baby will only set you back $16.


AVOCADO STACK – with extra bacon

Yes, we love our bacon, breakfast is not complete without some meaty goodness. Delicious poached free range eggs served with tomato, greens aioli and dukkah on sourdough bread. The avocado was creamy and worked a treat with the aioli and dukkah. Loved that the bread was easy to cut through. This is an ideal vegetarian option, if you leave the bacon out. Cost: $16.


Find out more info on Suburban Cafe here