Raindrop Cake Plan

Raindrop Cakes Land in Brisbane

Alas, the cult Raindrop Cake has landed on Australian shores and onto the tables of Harajuku Gyoza in South Bank.

So what exactly are these gelatinous balls of goodness? Traditionally known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, the dessert is made from spring waterand agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin; the Raindrop Cake is virtually clear, like a drop of water.It can be scooped and eaten as a dessert with brown sugar syrup (called Kuromitsu) and Kinako (roasted soy flour) mixed with sesame powder.

Harajuku has added a little spin to the dessert, offering a strawberry flavoured cake with fresh strawberry,blueberry and raspberries inside and is served with condensed milk and kinako and crushed peanuts.

Need I say more? Get amongst it people!!!

Written by: Aliyah Ravat

Raindrop Cake Plan


School holiday fun at Cowch

Location: Cowch, South Bank

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Date: School Holidays (Friday 25th March to Friday 8th April)

Cost: $15

So, you have decided to take the kids out for a day in the city over the school holidays; at this point you have already circled GOMA a few times, lunch hour is quickly approaching and the hangry-ness (that is a word, in my world), starts to kick in. Why not take the little rugrats to Cowch for a little trip behind the scenes of their favourite DIY dessert venue, creating their own smoothie and naked pop! They will leave with happy bellies and enough energy to swim laps at the lagoon, before you head home, where they will be ready to wind down and head to bed. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

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Curated by: Aliyah Ravat


Arigato Harajuku Gyoza!!

Location: South Bank Harajuku Gyoza 

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Cost: $8- $14


Arigato (Thank you) Harajuku Gyoza for all the goodness that you provide us with! They like fun and yum and so do we; nothing like a food party with gyoza and some Kirin beers. Even though they are famous for their gyoza (dumplings) Harajuku has a range of small dishes which are perfect for sharing amongst friends over a relaxed dinner; oh, and if you really like to party, why not throw out all the stops and add some sake to the mix.

We were invited to a special blogger preview at the Tokyo inspired restaurant and left with full bellies and smiles all round (The sake and Kirin might have had something to do with the endless smiles, but that’s a different story for another day).

Here are some of the options we got to try out:

EDAMAME ($4.20)


You know it is time to commence a Japanese feast when they roll out the edamame. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan and effing healthy as, the soy beans are health freaks dream; for me personally, being the fatty that I am, edamame is not my fave but nonetheless it is quite interesting watching rookies trying to eat the bean (guilty); always remember, bite and then spit out ya edamame.



Harumaki is definitely not a word that I will remember off the top of my head, but simplified it is a chilli filled with cheese, encased in a spring roll wrap and deep fried. Essentially the Japanese version of a Jalapeno Popper, and ya’ll know how much I love those right. Not going to lie, it was my daily dose of obeseness but seriously where the protein at? It’s probably not traditional, but i think harumaki would work alot better with a salty meat component to it. This option is a special on the Harajuku menu and will be served up once a month.



Once again, this option is a special item that is offered once a month, but damn, it is amazeballs! Crunchy croquettes with oozy goodness in the middle (mashed potato and cram cream). I think they should seriously consider adding this dish to the regular menu. 10/10 would recommend.



Chicken Gyoza poached and served in a Chicken soup flavoured with Yuzukosho. “Yuzukosho” is a spice paste with yuzu zest, green chilli and salt. I would recommend adding extra chilli and soy sauce to the soup for extra taste, if you like some additional oomph (gimme all the extra spice). Leading up to Winter, this will be a great starter to choose.



We have reviewed this dish in a previous post (off the regular menu), and imma stick with my original story; this jiggly pork goodness is life. It’s the one fatty pork dish that I actually love; however I have noticed a change in the consistency of their sauce, previously a caramelized gaze, it was now almost a broth. I do prefer the stickyness. But seriously though, $13 for 4 little pieces of pork, hmmm I could probably feed a family in Africa for that price.



This dish knows how to speak my language and is to date one of the very few veg dishes I will order off a menu. That crispy outer tempura with buttery eggplant and that sauce, hot dang! Gimme more please!



The name of this Japanese Lager reminds me of a kids drink, but hell it’s legit! With a pear aroma and a muted taste, it’s officially my second favourite Japanese beer (after Kirin of course). Oh yeah, and it’s brewed right here in our back yard (Nundah; well not my back yard, but it could be yours), and is exclusive to Harajuku Gyoza.

*No sake was consumed whilst writing this post, I swear!

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


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Instagram Competition | Win a $40 voucher to Great Australian Bites

Location: South Bank Brisbane, River Quay

Date: 23rd January to 26th January

[WIN] Join in the 4-day celebration of Australia Day at GREAT AUSTRALIAN BITES at River Quay from 23-26 January. There’ll be free live music, entertainment and pop-up food & drink stalls. For your chance to WIN a $40 food voucher:
1. Repost this pic on Instagram 
2. Hash tag #VisitSouthBank

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Competition closes Friday 22 January 9am and winners will be chosen at random.



South Bank Christmas Markets

South Bank played host to the festive Christmas Markets presented by Eat South Bank. An event boasting all things Christmas from twinkling lights, festive decorations, traditional puddings to carols as well as Adriano Zumbo‘s famous Macarons.

We were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in some of the best the extravaganza had to offer. Local businesses collaborated on dishes to create dishes that were not just mind blowing in taste, but were a spectacle on their own. Embracing the Christmas spirit was Nitrogenie Ice-Cream who paired themselves with Donut Boyz to create a marvel. Their collaboration birthed the Gingerbread Nitrogen Donut; a buttery brioche bun donut covered in gingerbread crumble and custard with a condensed milk syringe to sweeten.

nitro southbankxmasmarket-0133

Nitrogenie and Harajuku Gyoza also worked on an unexpected partnership creating the Crepe Cone Dessert. A crepe cone with nitro Nutella ice-cream sliced banana and a Harajuku dessert gyoza filled with chocolate and banana. So much goodness in one serving. The perfect way to indulge this Christmas whilst accommodating for the Queensland heat.

harajuku harajuku2

If you were after something a little more traditional, My Sweetopia was serving up a Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting and a little Strawberry Jam surprise at the bottom.

sweetopia 2

Savoury options were also on the table at Pig & Kraut. The Brat and Iced Tea stall have combined forces to deliver options that are unmissable. We got to try the Cheese Brat with Sauerkraut and Onions served on a White Roll. Worked a treat with refreshing Ice Teas.

brat hause brat hause2

For more events throughout the year, head to Visit Brisbane.

Photography: Emotive Light 

Written by: Aliyah Ravat


Next Door Kitchen & Bar | Lunch Menu

Location: Little Stanley Street, South Bank

Meal: Lunch

Cost: $4.50 – $26.50

Overall Experience: 5/10

Food: 3/10

Service: 6/10


It is not often that we give bad reviews. But at the end of the day, as bloggers, we have to give an honest opinion. Our articles are honest and a true reflection of our experience and I would not want to falsely recommend a menu that failed to deliver.

Next Door Kitchen & Bar is located in a prime spot in South Bank, only a stones throw from the Brisbane River. The atmosphere is relaxed with an urban feel to it. A perfect location, for a Summers lunch.

We sampled the following 2 dishes on the lunch menu:


Paired with prawns, scallops, a tomato chilli salsa and preserved lemon. This dish costs 18.50. I would only rate this a 2/10 at most. Yes, it was edible, but it left a foul taste in my mouth. The natural flavours of the scallops and prawns were completely dissolved in a over bearing tomato salsa. The actually linguine itself, was cooked perfectly, but that was about the only positive aspect of the entire dish.



Served with a fondant potato, pancetta crisp, truffle butter and cress. It makes me a little sad to see a piece of sirloin over cooked to the point where it is difficult to cut through. Such a beautiful cut of meat, destroyed with just a few minutes of extra time on the pan. Unfortunately, our piece of meat was not medium rare; it was very difficult to cut through and was dry in the throughout the bottom. The dish would have worked well with a thicker sauce as the fondant potato soaked up most of the juices on the plate. As much as we love to promote businesses throughout Brisbane, unfortunately this dish was not worth the $26.50 that it was priced at.


Criticism isn’t always a bad thing, it allows for restaurants to make changes to their menus and ensure that future errors in the kitchen are minimised. Perhaps this was an unfortunate visit for us, and things were not going too well in the kitchen. It was kind of sad considering we were the only people in the restaurant at the time. However, if you have had an outstanding experience at Next Time Kitchen & Bar, we would love for you to share it with us and other readers.

I would definitely recommend their drinks though. Perfect on a hot Summers day!


View their full menu here

New Menu Launch | The Plough Inn

Location: South Bank

Meal: Dinner

Cost: $7 – $70

Overall Experience : 10/10

Food: 10/10

Service : 10/10

If you are anything like me, you probably frequent the Plough Inn for drinks on  a Sunday, but have never quite got around to trying out their menu. Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing dishes, in fact we left the Plough, haven eaten so much, that we could not walk. Oh, and here is a random fact, they actually have 13 chefs in total.

To start off with, we tried their amazing Seafood Board for 2. I have been told, that some people eat this alone, but it  definitely isn’t something I would recommend (definitely not, if you are a 5ft female like myself). Every component on the board was pure bliss. Featuring, calamari (some of the best I have ever had), prawns, fish tacos & sliders. It is the perfect way to share your meal over a few drinks.


Every one knows that they do amazing, but have you tried them yet is the real question? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The picture might not do these bad boys much justice, but we consumed one of the most amazing racks of ribs we have ever had. I was so full, but I could not stop eating. If you haven’t tried these yet, I would recommend paying them a visit on a Monday or Tuesday as they offer this primal dish for a low $26. I love how they served this up with extra sauce on the side. There is no such thing as too much sauce (especially when it comes to ribs).


Saving the best till last, the Plough Inn has also launched their new Tank Beer, which is the first of its’ kind in Queensland. In simple terms, it is exposed to minimal oxygen until it hits the glass that you drink it from. It is smooth and crisp and best of all, it doesn’t give you a hangover (apparently).


The Charming Squire

Location: South Bank, Brisbane

Price: $7-$55

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Overall experience: 9/10

Popular Brisbane bar and restaurant The Charming Squire recently turned one, and to celebrate, they invited the members of their Beer Club to celebrate with them over beers and canapes.

The Charming Squire has been one of my favourite venues in Brisbane since it opened so I naturally jumped at the chance to attend this function! The bar exerts cool and casual vibes and is reminiscent of history with wooden tables, high ceilings and a working James Squire brewery on display.

There is also an elegant restaurant with full table-service for those who are after a more intimate dining as the pub can get quite busy! Both menus offer a range of different options to suit the setting and to complement the flavours of the beers and ciders. Bar options include pizzas and burgers, and restaurant options include contemporary starter and main dishes.

At the birthday celebration, we tried a couple of craft beers including popular fruity pale ale 150 Lashes and The Gallows, a particularly hoppy India Pale Ale (IPA). We were also treated to some delicious pork sliders!



Those who attended were also given a unique gift – a James Squire branded bottle opener.


Have you been to The Charming Squire?

The best spots for after work drinks | Brisbane


The best way to end a long day at the office is to drink up with your work mates! Relax, unwind and get into party mode. Oh, and don’t we love a good party. We have made our way through Brisbane finding the best spots, that will be sure to impress your colleagues.

Ending the day at a roof top pool bar with amazing views sounds like perfection to me. Indulge in their boozy cocktails, crafted by their talented bar staff or relax with a glass of wine; and if you need something to nibble on, order some of their amazing share plates. Remember to leave the car at home, as Soleil is located only a stones throw from South Bank train and bus stations.

View their full menu here.

The Shadow Lounge at Jade Buddah is a personal favourite! The vibe is intimate and relaxed, over looking the beautiful Brisbane River. It is the ideal place to sit down and and chill after a long day, or if you really feel like partying,  make your way to the dance floor! Located close to Ferry Services and only a few minutes walk from Central Station.

Conveniently located next to Roma Street Train Station within Hotel Jen, Nest Brisbane never disappoints. Relax and enjoy their impressive wine menu and whist you are it, try out their Asian Inspired menu.

A hidden bar, with pool tables and an Asian Inspired menu, what more could one ask for? The ideal space to retrieve from the world. I would recommend trying out their Frozen Espresso or the Golden Gai-Time Cocktails.

View their full menu here.

Grab a few cocktail jugs which are reasonably priced (under $35)  and take in the views of the beautiful Treasury Casino. Communal Bar & Eat House is located in Brisbane Square and is the perfect place for a a few cocktails and some pizza (definitely try out their pizza).

View their full menu here.