5 Boroughs | New Hot Dog Menu | Bring a friend for free


To celebrate the launch of 5 Boroughs new menu, they will be offering customers a chance to bring their friends for FREE!

Date: 22nd to 24th September

Time: 11am to 4 pm

Cost: Hot dogs will be sold at $9.90 for the first week. Add extra toppings for $1 or order a double dog for an additional $4.


5B Original: Smoked beef hot dog, sauerkraut

5B Smokin Hot: Smoked beef hot dog smothered in beef chili, US Cheddar cheese,

fiery hot salsa, jalapenos, red onion garnish.

5B Smoked Beef Pickle: Smoked beef Chicago hot dog, fresh tomato, mustard, garlic

pickles, sweet onion, green relish, jalapenos.

5B Vegan Mi: Housemade black bean, corn & quinoa pattie, lettuce, tomato salsa.