Mighty Mighty | New Spring Menu

Location: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Price: $3.50 – $35

Overall Experience : 10/10

Food: 10/10

Service: 10/10

My review for Mighty Mighty, will be slightly bias, as before I  tried their new Spring Menu, they were already my favourite place in Brisbane. They are my go to place, I pay them a visit once a week without fail.

Okay, so we were given $100 to spend and this is what we chose: Original Wings, Sriracha Honey & Garlic Wings, Jalapeno Poppers, Cajun Fried Macaroni & Cheese, Steak Frites & Alcoholic Ginger Beer. All this only costed us $75, which is not bad if you ask me.

The Original Buffalo Wings are served with Blue Cheese Sauce. They were slightly spicy but juicy with every bite. I reckon I could have eaten two servings of these quite easily without getting bored. The Sriracha Wings were as amazing as they always are. Crispy goodness with that slap of heat from the Sriracha but the sweet goodness from the honey. This is my favourite dish of all time! I would eat it every day if I could.


The Cajun Fried Mac & Cheese, is one of the new additions onto the Spring Menu. I made a rookie error and tried this dish after having the Sriracha Wings, at which point, my taste buds were numb from heat. However, the concept of the dish was amazing. I would recommend eating this first before the other options on the menu.


Moving on to the Jalapano Poppers, ahhh amazing. That is all I have to say. They are officially the best in Brisbane! I have tasted a fair few Jalapeno Poppers in my time, and Mighty Mighty has the best cheesy ones, the bacon tops it off, adding a smoky, salty element to the starter. These are also served up with Blue Cheese sauce, but taste equally as delicious eaten alone.


Those Steak Frites though, the best in Brisbane. They are lightly battered and fried until crunchy. They are then topped with a smoky paprika salt that is heavenly! I would recommend dipping them in Blue Cheese Sauce for an extra wow effect!


Check out their full menu here.

For bookings email: bookings@mightmighty.net.au