Sunnybank’s first venue serving Craft Beers & Cocktails | Southside Bistro

Location: Sunnybank

At least, 60% of our feed on Instagram is made up of food from Sunnybank, and you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a resident of the area, I am proud to rep my hood; cheap Asian eats, misspelled menus, dodgy parking, rice burner cars, the whole thing. But Sunnybank is changing, and if you ask me, over the next 6 months it will transform into a foodie destination.

South Side Bistro has opened up in the Bank with a different approach to things. Firstly the menu is out of this world amazing, with offerings like escargot, a sizzling brownie (and hell it sizzles), bao pork belly burgers and a deep fried matcha ice cream bao (my new favourite). But it’s not just the menu alone that makes the venue, the whole atmosphere is unlike any other place in the area; it is relaxed and clean cut, it almost reminds me of a lobby café in New Farm. I could literally spend the whole day there; and now you can. Things are changing up, and they have officially got their liquor license (as of today), making them the first Sunnybank venue supplying craft beers. If you live on the South Side you would realise what a huge deal this is. We no longer have to drive for over half an hour for Sunday sessions when we can have it right in our back yard. Alcohol can be served from open (9:30 am) until they close at 12pm. Yes, I am just a bit excited!

Oh and here’s another spin to the story, they are pet friendly too. So why not bring ya pooch along?


Their Peach & Vanilla Lemonade $7 – Literally cannot wait till this is transformed into a cocktail! 


Pork Belly Bao with Cheese Fries – Perfect dish alongside some cold beers!


Southside Bistro

Location: Shop 49, 342 McCullough Street, Sunnybank

Meal: Dinner/Dessert

Price: $5 – $25

Overall experience: 9/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Pet Friendly

Southside bistro is an exciting new eatery in Sunnybank mixing modern contemporary cuisine with asian-fusion. After seeing many rave reviews about the food we were keen to try it out ourselves.

We were spoiled for choice by a unique tapas menu that includes dishes such as fiery chili beef brisket, quinoa fried rice, slow cooked lamb belly ribs, haloumi, mint and carrot fritter and lamb skewers to name a few. The restaurant also boasts a delicious sweets and beverage menu – so make sure you leave room for dessert.

For us, the double cooked pork belly burger was the stand out, it was a generous serving and the pork belly was cooked to perfection. All of the burgers on the menu are served on a Chinese milk bun which was light and fluffy – a nice change to traditional burger buns.

We visited on a busy friday night and even though most tables were full our food was served promptly.

The kitchen closes at 11pm and the restaurant closes its doors at 12am making it the perfect place to grab a late night sweet treat.

Here are the dishes we tried:

Cumin spiced lamb skewers


coconut prawn beignets


Double cooked pork belly burger




Drinks: Lychee, mint, lime / Raspberry



View their full menu here


Written by Charlotte Louise


New Shanghai | Queens Plaza

Location: Queens Plaza, Brisbane CBD

Meal: Lunch/Dinner

Cost: $5.50 – $35

Overall Experience : 5/10

Food: 5/10

Service: 5/10


There’s nothing better than flavoursome Chinese dishes that take your taste buds on a journey; they give you a sense of culture, a resemblance of the country in which they originate. For me personally, the journey through food is what I love most about being a blogger. Getting to experience so many cultures and the diversity that stems from them, without having to leave Brisbane. A taste of the world right in our backyard. Unfortunately, the meals at New Shanghai didn’t quite take me on a journey. Yes, I went to a restaurant that served food inspired by Shanghai, but my presence stayed at the table in Brisbane.

I was greeted by a queue of hungry patrons waiting outside New Shanghai; some had been waiting for over 20 mins to be seated. I waited in clear view of staff to notify them of my booking, however was not acknowledged until I interrupted and requested a manager. The restaurant as some of you may know, is located in prime real estate (Queens Plaza), so the waits are expected. I would recommend you make a prior booking to avoid long waits.

Now to the menu. Here are some of the options we tried out:

DRINKS – Pina Colada & Mango Punch | Cost: $11


1795330_708732392596744_2664160056934677997_o (1)

Summer and fruity drinks, a match made in heaven! And heaven is where I went. These two bad boys, sure took me on a trip. The Summer drink of choice. Iced, fruity and delicious. The only thing that was missing was a beach, in fact I might consider taking a blow up pool next time. My mouth is still salivating from these.

ENTREE –  Cold Braised Duck with Brown Sauce | Shepherd’s Purse & Pork Won Ton Soup | Cost $12.70

Starting off with the duck; traditionally this dish is served cold which is perfect for warmer days. The actual dish itself was bountiful in flavours and boasted a perfect gloss skin. Unfortunately the protein was slightly over cooked and was very difficult to eat with the amount of bones that were still left in the duck. Almost every bite presented 4-5 piercing bones; and that is where I drew the line with this option.

The Won Ton Soup on the contrary was pure bliss. The actual won tons casings were silky and light. The soup was delicious with extra chilli flakes and some thinly sliced cucumber for freshness. I have nothing at all to fault with this dish. They were some of the best won tons I have ever had.


12362781_708732409263409_5620465686359231189_o 12375027_708732372596746_2636178427261170944_o

MAINS – Zha Jiang Noodles with Spicy Ground Pork & Rainbow Beef | Cost – $10.50 & $19.50

When the Zha Jiang Noodles were placed in front of me I could not help but smile. They looked perfect! I was in for a treat I thought to myself. After mixing all the elements of the dish together, I was far from pleased. My entire dish was tasteless. There was no flavour drawn from what should have been spicy pork; in fact the only thing you could taste was bland noodle. Unfortunately for me, the serving size was quite large too, so I had to eat a huge bowl of flavourless noodles. Not impressed at all. I have said this a few times, but for the best Asian Inspired food, I would still recommend Sunnybank (Not promoting the area cos I live there); but if you are looking for authentic cuisine with flavour then that should be your go-to place. It also costs a fraction of the price without the tedious wait times.

The Rainbow Beef which is made up of thinly sliced beef strips fried and coated in sweet and sour sauce. The flavour of the dish was apparent unlike the first main. However there was not enough sauce for the amount of protein on the plate. The strips which are meant to be crispy were difficult to bite through. We ordered the exact dish a week ago from Market Square at the fraction of the price; so this is definitely not a main that we will be ordering again.

11062158_708732425930074_4552570483901596855_o 12377632_708732355930081_8860969326663353357_o

Yes, I have been very critical of the dishes we ate, but it is integral that I relay an honest interpretation of my experience. If you are anything like me, food is life; it is a source of happiness and equally when a meal doesn’t quite live up to its’ expectations, it creates concern. If you have had other positive experiences at New Shanghai please share them with us. Perhaps this will hinder our choice in dishes for the future.

View their full menu here.

Written by: Aliyah Ravat