Burger Urge launches their new menu

It has been over 6 months in the making, Burger Urge has finally launched a new menu after 3 years. The grandfather of burgers has been around for over a decade and has since opened 15 stores nationwide. The team have come together to recreate an innovate menu aligned with the fast growing burger trends.They have partnered with Brisbane Chef, Mel Townsend (Vanilla Zulu) to adapt the ‘extreme’ menu.

We were lucky enough to try out their new offerings, and I will admit they were on impressive.


Cos everyone needs a sexy, scrumptious side b**tch, I would suggest going hard on these. Thick Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Chips, Onion Rings & their oh so delicious Buffalo Wings. Everyone knows their fries, sweet potato included are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! But their wings took me to heaven. I was pleasantly surprised by the intense flavours and did I mention they actually have meat on their wings. Nothing disappoints more than scrawny wings with nothing to bite on.

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Perfect for a hangover cure, I would recommend their greasy Chilli Cheeze Fries & Cheezy Chipotle Corn. The cheezyness though…. My insides are definitely well oiled after that! I love how they added in jalapenos and corn to the fries, technically makes it healthy with all those vegetables right..

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Moving on to the important part, the burgers of course.. I ordered the New Yorker which is personal favourite; can never go wrong with a burger that has maple bacon on it. Sandwiched together with prime ground Australian Beef, melted American style cheddar & hickory bbq sauce (would insert heart faced emoji If I could). That sauce though….The only negative comment I have is that the cheese was placed on top of the bacon rather than on the patty itself, but nonetheless it still tasted amazing. Also got in the Aussie spirit and ordered the Zorba (lamb) with haloumi, onion jam, basil pesto and to add to my daily fruit intake a piece of pineapple was included.

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Kelis ain’t got nothing on these guys, there milkshakes definitely bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. Included in the new menu is the Nutella Peanut Butter Shake & White Choc Strawberry Jam. Self explanatory if you ask me. Just try them alright.. Word of advice, if you are planning on eating all of the above, I would highly recommend playing some party tunes after and dancing the fatness off. Yes, I did that cos the menu made me happy.


View the full menu here 

Written by: Aliyah Ravat